A huge pro-life win in Kansas

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This is a major victory for pro-life folks and for taxpayers. Here at Curmudgeon Central we’re proud of the good people of Kansas.

The Kansas legislature passed, and in 2011 Governor Sam Brownback signed into law, legislation defunding Planned Parenthood. Needless to say, the pro-infanticide factions in Kansas – that would be Democrats – went to court. This was part of the Republicans War on Women.

Well, it turns out the court didn’t find any War on Women, except for the War that Democrats and Planned Parenthood are waging on unborn women.

Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri abandoned its legal challenge Friday to a Kansas law that strips two of its clinics of hundreds of thousands of federal taxpayer dollars.


As Christian News reports, a federal appeals court in Denver ruled 2-1 in March that Kansas officials may strip Planned Parenthood of Title X funding, against the organization’s arguments that this violated its rights to free speech and association.

The federal appeals court ruling reversed the earlier ruling of Judge Thomas Marten in August of 2011, which forced Kansas to continue to fund Planned Parenthood while the case was being litigated.

According to the Associated Press, Planned Parenthood spokeswoman Elise Higgins said a decision about the affected clinics in Hays and Wichita will likely not be made until later in the week.

It’s a great win, but there’s still a long way to go.

Despite a successful defense of the Kansas law defunding Planned Parenthood, Operation Rescue reports the state has been apathetic toward defending another 2011 law that provided safety standards for abortion clinics. The pro-life group states, “Kansas abortion clinics are completely unaccountable and are never inspected.”

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt has been criticized in the past by Operation Rescue for failing to aggressively defend the state’s law that requires abortion clinics to be licensed and places them under the auspices of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. This law is currently being challenged in state court by father/daughter abortionists, Herbert Hodes and Tracy Nauser, who operate the abortion clinic in Overland Park.

Requiring abortion clinics to meet the same standards as other out-patient surgical clinics has been an on-going battle in a number of states, especially Texas. That’s the part of the Texas law that fueled Wendy Davis’ little 11 hour speech and made her the heroine of baby butchers on both coasts. Those would be the people who are dumping millions into her losing campaign to turn Texas blue. Your Curmudgeon never misses an opportunity to encourage them to send more money to Texas. Better there than a race that might be competitive.

Enforcing the law requiring clinics to meet basic medical standards is critical, not just to the health of women using the clinics, but for the babies they’re carrying.

There were 44 facilities that performed abortions in Texas in 2011, abortion providers said. After the two closings on Thursday, there are now 24, they said. When the law is fully implemented in September, that number is expected to drop to six.

We congratulate Texans and urge Kansans to follow their example and enforce the law. Do it for the children, that they might be born and have the opportunity to actually have a life.

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