Hillary’s Brain Damage: Fair Game?

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Orrin Hatch, Karl RoveThe possibility that Hillary Clinton may have brain damage from a blood clot (suggested by Karl Rove) and that this might disqualify her to be President is quickly becoming a topic making the rounds. So of course they self-righteously are slamming back: “No fair!”

And the predictable: “That is so sexist!”

Some background: by Rodney Lee Conover –

Rove was quoted in the New York Post’s Page Six as saying that Hillary Clinton might be brain-damaged after her illness with a virus, a fall, concussion and blood clot between her brain and skull at the end of 2012.

Hah – don’t you love it? I don’t mean that she might have serious implications from a brain clot, I mean that Hillary Clinton is going to have her cranium called into question every time she stutters, stammers, trips, or just has pause to think for a moment over the next two years.

It’s going to be great.


Mark my words, if she were a man this would already be fodder for late-night monologues, so enough with the girlie defense, Ms. Rodham – you’re being treated gingerly because you’re a woman, trust me.

Before you start feeling sorry for her – remember Hillary deserves it for all the nastiness the Clinton’s and their mob have insidiously doled out over the past twenty-odd years. They had no problem saying McCain was old and Barack Obama was a black Muslim born in Kenya. These evil jerks invented the War on Women, so walk it off.

Over the next two years there will be eyebrows lifted, snarky comments on talk radio, slightly-veiled retard jokes and snappy come-backs on political shows whenever Hillary Clinton is involved in the slightest misstep. Oh, the care she’ll have to take when being interviewed – but don’t stop and think too much, Ms. Clinton. Remember Rick Perry’s brain freeze: It’s over, baby.

“What difference does it make?” A bunch, my friend and as myself and everyone else piles on candidate Rodham Clinton; I think it can be expressed best in the words of Bricktop: “You are on thin frickin’ ice, my pedigree chum, and I shall be under it when it breaks.”

I’m one of the many conservatives that, let’s just say, don’t appreciate Karly Rove. Wait – what am I saying – I can’t stand him. When I see him on TV, which is every 35 seconds, I turn the channel. He was wrong on the Reagan Revolution, he was wrong in 2010, 2012 and he’s wrong now. Why anybody would trust him with money is beyond me.

But I gotta tell you this brain damage thing he got rolling about Hillary is pure genius and not only did he know exactly what he was doing – he was pretty much the only turd in Republican circles that could have pulled it off.

I’m watching The Five the other day and you could tell just from Beckel’s body language that he knew Rove nudged a future massive snowball downhill and this is only the first of many segments they’ll be doing now that it’s coursing through the political bloodstream:

Next on THE FIVE: “Is Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Health an Issue?”.. Bob: “She’s perfectly fine and will make a great President – I can’t believe you Republicans would stoop this low, but the strategy is working brilliantly – my hat’s off to Rove..”

This morning I can’t help but read all the usual suspects defending Hillary against these “dirty tricks” and “ugly attacks,” on the poor, helpless and innocent girl. Gee, I hope no one throws a bucket of water at her – it’ll be all over but the crying and flying monkeys. Believe me, even these main streamers will be into Hillary’s brain scan soon enough.

If you’re going to use falling on your head as an excuse to get out of testifying on your involvement in Benghazi, Ms. Secretary, don’t turn around and tell me through your lapdogs not to ask if you have a headache tonight.

You want to clear the decks? Release your medical records and full details of the whole incident from 2012. But of course that’s not going to happen because you’ve already given out so many different accounts of when and what happened in the first place, conflicting the Benghazi story even further.

hillaryclinton wink

But that’s not surprising, coming from a woman who doesn’t know how to tell the truth. There is no truth in Hillary Clinton’s world.

There’s only the version of the truth which is best for her political future. Well, brace yourself dear heart.

That’s what I used to call my grandmother when she started getting feeble. Made her wink and smile.



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