Hillary Clinton Prediction: She Won’t Run

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hillaryclinton winkHillary Clinton may be the favorite to win the Democratic nomination in 2016, but then again . . .maybe not.

Do we dare cross our fingers and hope¬† former Clinton aide, Mike McCurry, is right? Would it be asking too much to Hope that when Chelsea has her baby Hillary’s motherly instincts will finally kick in for her role as grandma, and she Changes her mind about the presidency. Now that’s Hope and Change I can get behind.

hat tip: Daily Mail

Hillary 2016 is all but a done deal for nearly everyone who follows American politics.


But former White House press secretary to Bill Clinton Mike McCurry says he’s not convinced there’s going to to another Clinton in on the ballot.


In a segment on Real Clear Politics ‘Changing Lanes series, where the news organization interviews influential figures while driving through the nation’s Capitol, McCurry said Hillary may opt to continue the work she’s doing with the Clinton Foundation instead of pursuing elected office again.


‘I’d like to say I’m the only person left – I’m probably in this car the only last person in Washington who’d be willing to take some bet that she might not run,’ McCurry told RCP co-founder Tom Bevan and Washington Bureau Chief Carl Cannon.


McCurry would not say Hillary would be ‘unbeatable’ if she did run but said she would be ‘fomidable, because among other things, she would do the job very well.’


‘I am confident when I say, “Hillary Clinton would be a good president” that she would be,’ he said.


The ex-Clinton aide said her believed her qualifications for the job would help Americans get past other aspects of her background they may not appreciate – like her the fact that her husband already occupied the Oval Office and that he got caught occupying it with someone other than his wife.


‘I think a real majority of Americans would see that [she would be a good president], even those who sometimes, you know, quarrel with the Clinton family image, or things like that,’ he said.


McCurry said Hillary would not be hurt by her husband having already been president because many voters ‘were too young’ to remember Bill Clinton being president.’


He then admitted everyone in America has probably heard about Bill Clinton’s affair with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, who turned back up in the press this month with an article in Vanity Fair detailing her personal struggles since her affair with the president became public more than 15 years ago.


‘Look, let’s put it this way. You can’t put oral sex and Oval Office in the same sentence without getting the attention of a young person,’ McCurry said.


McCurry worked as Bill Clinton’s press secretary throughout the time the president was having an affair with Lewinsky until August 4, 1998.


Less than two weeks later, Clinton admitted in a televised address to the nation that he ‘did have a relationship with Ms. Lewinsky that was not appropriate.’


McCurry said he didn’t think Americans would hold the scandal against Hillary, though. What young people probably don’t remember and ought to is Bill Clinton’s accomplishments,’ he clarified.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2628189/White-House-press-secretary-Bill-Clinton-not-convinced-theres-going-Hillary-2016-campaign.html#ixzz31j5Uk000


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