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Harry Reid Owns 93 Acres Next to the Bundy Ranch – BUSTED!


reid crookIs it possible that Cliven Bundy and Senate Leader Harry Reid are neighbors? Possible – how about BUSTED!!

According to newly unearthed Nevada State parcel records – you betcha’! Think maybe Reid had something to gain by sicking government goons after his constituents?


Hat tip Before It’s News:

Public land records obtained by Before It’s News show a corporate entity partially owned by Senator Harry Reid is the owner of over 93 acres of undeveloped land within several miles of the Clliven Bundy ranch.
Reid Bunkerville, LLC is listed as the current owner of four parcels of land on the west side of Bunkerville are within several miles of the Bundy ranch.
This area appears to be slated for development in the future.
While this will be explained, parcels numbers provided along with ownership proof, it is encouraged for everyone reading to go through the information, the documents provided, visit the links and come to their own conclusions, because this is just the data from public records.
It tells a story of a man, Cliven Bundy, seemingly in the way of some lucrative business deals…

Where there’s a will there’s a way and where there’s a buck to be made, there’s Harry and the government agents, doing his bidding..




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