Off The Grid Foods That Can Boost Male Sex Drive

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If you want to improve your sexual functioning and general well-being without resorting to chemically prepared drugs that can create harmful side effects, include nettles, chocolate and pumpkin seeds in your diet. Saw Palmetto is an herb which is beneficial as well.

All four of these plant based herbs/ foods work as tonics, nourishing the male reproductive system. They work best when consumed on a regular basis. (Isn’t that great news for chocolate lovers?). These foods, (yes nettles can be consumed as a food,) enhance stamina. Unlike pharmaceuticals, these nourishing foods and herbs correct imbalances so that your body can function at its peak naturally. They work by supporting circulation, reducing prostate enlargement, and vitalizing sperm. Each is inexpensive and easy to obtain.

1. Gather Nettles Now

Spring is the best time to gather wild nettles. They are easy to identify. You will recognize them by their sting. Nutrient-rich nettles lose their sting when cooked or dried. Look for nettles in wet places. Be sure that your gathering area is free from harmful contaminated water runoff before picking the nettles.

The least painful way to gather nettles is to cut them off with a sharp knife. The entire arial part of the plant is useful. I especially like to gather the young leaves. Use them   as a substitute for spinach in cooked dishes. If they are abundant, you can even freeze nettles to have on hand for next winter. You can dry the whole plant for teas or you may make a tincture.

Nettles are rich sources of vitamins, minerals and fiber. The vitamin C in nettles enhances healthy sperm formation.

A man who is physically and emotionally healthy is more likely to enjoy a potent sex life. Iron, calcium, magnesium, protein and micronutrients in nettles provide the building materials a man needs to function at his peak.

Nettles are especially important for men as they help prevent and restore prostate health. As men age, the prostate often enlarges. The result is difficulty urinating, difficulty starting the urinary stream, voiding frequently, and interrupted sleep due to frequent night time trips to the bathroom. Nettles help relieve these symptoms.

Nettles’ ability to restore hormonal balance can help to prevent prostate cancer, the second most common cause of death due to cancer in adult men.

2. Chocolate is Health Food for Men

Chocolate’s scientific name means “food for the Gods.” Eat one ounce of high quality, ethically harvested and produced, dark chocolate each day for healthy sperm formation.

Like nettles, chocolate includes nutrients which nourish the entire body. Chocolate improves levels of neurotransmitters which are responsible for improving mood and feelings of well-being. This delicious treat actually increases levels of serotonin, dopamine and endorphins. If you feel good, you will have more energy and interest in sexual activity.

Did you know that chocolate is an aphrodisiac? Researchers conducted studies which indicated that people felt more loving after consuming chocolate. Other researchers found that eating chocolate enhances longevity.

Chocolate is good for your entire body. It improves circulation within the pelvis and throughout your body. Chocolate has anti-inflammatory properties and relieves inflammation. It can even prevent dental cavities, giving you a great smile. If you eat the right kind of chocolate in small amounts, chocolate may even help your body to burn fat efficiently and help you to maintain six pack abs.

3. Eat Pumpkin Seeds to Maintain Prostate Health

Try growing pumpkins. The flesh is delicious. Be sure to harvest the seeds next fall when you pick your pumpkins. Clean the stringy flesh from the seeds and dry the seeds. Eat about two grams of pumpkin seeds each day.

Pumpkin seeds are great sources of fiber, healthy fats and protein. Scientific studies have proven that pumpkin seeds are effective in preventing and reducing prostate enlargement. The bladder is able to empty completely, relieving dribbling, urgency and frequent trips to the bathroom.

Pumpkin seeds promote healthy hormone balance. This enhances a healthy sex drive and prevents prostate cancer. The seeds are an exceptional source of zinc, which improves the health of the male sex organs.

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