“Green” Hollywood Liberals Caught in Bed With Big Middle East Oil!

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okeefe2Project Veritas has caught some big Hollywood liberals in a shocking undercover video, exposing them as frauds to their claims of being champions of the environment! Talk about hypocrites!

James O’Keefe Premieres “Expose: Hollywood’s War on US Energy” at the Cannes Film Festival – Hollywood celebrities caught on hidden camera accepting money from “Middle Eastern oil interests.”

See the truth about the dark funding behind Hollywood’s anti-fracking messaging machine. It’s not about the environment – it’s about Hollywood celebrities and producers putting big Middle East oil money in their pockets!

Watch for yourself:

Ed Begley Jr. is an outspoken environmental activist and current Governor on the board of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science (the organization that brings us the OSCARS every year.)

Mariel Hemingway is a Golden Globe- and Oscar-nominated actress.

Josh Tickell is a Sundance Film Festival Winner and the director of environmental message movies “Fuel”, “The Big Fix” and “PUMP”.

Team Begley even submitted a video of Oscar-nominated actor Mark Ruffalo offering his unwavering support for the fictitious anti-fracking film project.

What a bunch of losers! But aren’t all liberals?




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