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Exclusive: Allen West today breaks his silence about a Presidential run


0211-news-allen-west-2According to a source who spoke with Allen West a short time ago…

I asked Allen B. West if we could “speculate” about what seems to be a confession that he’s considering a run for President. His reply to me from just minutes ago: “Feel free, no worries.” 

The source  asks the question due to Col. West’s article that drops HEAVY hints that he’s seriously considering running. In the article West says:

I thought about that door closing — testing our faith — as God prepared me for a new mission.

And later goes on to say:

Many are asking me to consider a huge undertaking. If God had not placed a challenge before me and closed one door, perhaps a new mission would not be possible.

Finishing it up with:

And to all of you who have asked me that one question, well, I will consider and be in prayer about it, and chat with Angela.

Col. West’s article can be found at


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