The Emily Letts “Filmed Abortion”? An Actress, a Scam, an Agenda?

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emilyHire an actress and make a movie about how having an abortion is fun! Will the Pro-Abortion crowd stop at anything to push their industry of death?

It just may be so, friends.

No, Hollywood won’t participate in anyway bringing the story of Kermit Gosnell – who may be this country’s most profligate serial-killer –  to the small or big-screen because he was in the abortion biz. But Doug Giles at Clash Daily feels pretty strongly that they’ll fake the feel-good video of 2014 – a happy-time abortion!

Get a young, good-looking girl with some acting skills and videotape her supposedly killing her unborn child in pursuit of encouraging women that not using birth control, having casual, out-of-wedlock sex, getting pregnant, ignoring the father (if you bother to know who that might be), and skipping off to the wonderful world of the baby-killing factory can be a positive experience.

Hat tip Clash Daily:

Now, I could be wrong about this. I am not saying that I am 100% certain that Emily Letts did not film a surgical abortion being done on herself – but there are just too many things that don’t seem to make sense about her video and her follow-up story published on Cosmopolitan.


This is purely my own speculation and opinion, but I really cannot convince myself that the video is real, and I have watched it several times. Here are some of my reasons:


I do not believe that Emily Letts was pregnant to begin with. She shows no proof in the video of a positive pregnancy test or even gives a date that confirms her last menstrual period. She does not even show an ultrasound picture, which she claims that she will forever hold onto. She tells Cosmo that she was “only two to three weeks” pregnant. What does that mean? Two to three weeks from conception or two to three weeks from her last menstrual period?


Also, it is very unrealistic that someone who is sexually active and NOT on birth control is not monitoring their period to know if they skip one. She even said that she didn’t want to use birth control pills, so she would keep track of her ovulation to know when not to have sex. Someone who monitors their ovulation would know if they skipped a period and purposefully take a pregnancy test, not on a whim. Yes, I understand that some people have a period while they are pregnant, but it is not likely. Emily said that she happened to take a pregnancy test at the clinic just for the heck of it, and then schedules her abortion then next day after telling her manager.

Emily finds out that she is “pregnant” at work, has an abortion the next day, and decides within those 24 hours that she thinks it would be a great idea to film it to show her “positive abortion experience”. What a coincidence that all of this happens while there is a video contest out by the Abortion Care Network, for women to make video under 3 minutes to show their positive abortion experience, in order to remove the stigma about abortion that they claim society has made.


The contest had a cash prize for the winners and a $100 donation to an abortion charity of the winner’s choice. And, yes – she was one of the winners.


Emily tells Cosmo that she has been a “professional actress for years”, and…

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Believe it or not – having an abortion when you’re not even pregnant is an alternative now. Hey – why not?


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