Eleanor Clift or Hillary Clinton: Two Birds From the Same Nuthouse

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hillary_clinton_picking_nose2I see no distinction between Hillary Clinton saying; “What difference does it make?” and Eleanor Clift’s statement that Ambassador Stevens, “wasn’t murdered, he died of smoke inhalation, hiding in a safe room” during Benghazi.

Both come from the same place.

Clift ‘n Clinton are both educated people – but they’re batty – not for what they said, but they actually themselves believe it when no one else – right, left, straight or back – does.

On a similar note I’d like to point out to Ms. Clift that JFK was not assassinated; he merely died in an incidence of road rage. Ring, ring, ring: “Hello, Dorkville? I think we found your Mayor..”

Folks, we have to stop driving ourselves nuts from a logical standpoint over what left-wingers say and start dealing with them as the damaged and fanatical individuals they are. Folks like Eleanor Clift and Hillary Clinton are not like you and I. Stop seething over the crappy situation they’ve managed to get the country in and listen to me for once:

First: Stop treating and dealing with zealous liberals as you would, say, if you had a dispute with your neighbor or your fellow teammate, business partner, baby-sitter, or mechanic. They’re not looking for a deal in the classic sense that a good deal is where both sides are happy.

The only good deal to these unyielding and angry Maoist wannabes is where their enemies are left demonized and a bit more of your rights have been suppressed. They won’t back off or admit “a smidgeon” of wrong doing – even when caught in the most bold-face of lies, false statements or illicit actions. They’ll lie and cover up until you’re exhausted or just have to get back to work.

It’s easy because in their mind they aren’t lying at all. It would be like a normal person falsely accused of a crime – you’d scream to the hills your innocence forever, wouldn’t you?

Is there lunatic dust in my teeth?

Example: Ms. Clift was given several opportunities on radio by Steve Malzberg to say she was just being outrageous on the McLaughlin Group or sparring with Pat Buchanan when stating Ambassador Stevens wasn’t murdered, but she doubles-down on the comments. Steve then does what a perfectly normal person addressing what appears to be a grown, functioning adult might do:


He repeats his offer, but she sticks to the crazy.

I’m not trying to be unkind to Mr. Malzberg, but he makes the giant mistake we all make by trying once more – this time a desperate attempt – to sway this unwavering, disaffected, sad, demented and I contend – biat-shiite crazy – far-left ideologue on a personal level: “If (Ambassador Stevens) was your relative, would you say he was murdered?”

Clift: “I would say that he died of smoke inhalation.”

CUT BACK IN TIME, TO: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton testifies before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the Sept. 11 attack on a U.S outpost in Benghazi:

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson: “.. we were misled that there were supposedly protests and that something sprang out of that — an assault sprang out of that — and that was easily ascertained that that was not the fact, and the American people could have known that within days and they didn’t know that.”


Hillary Clinton: “With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night and decided they’d go kill some Americans, what difference – at this point, what difference does it make?”

Will someone tell me the difference between what Eleanor Clift said and what Hillary Clinton said regarding the murder of Chris Stevens? Both statements come from an unstable, dangerous and hideous mindset: They aren’t lying – these two actually believe what they’re saying and also think you will believe what is being said. That’s straight-up mental illness and I’m not being facetious.

My father used to say it all the time: It’s not the bullsh**ter who is dangerous – it’s the guy who believes his own bullsh*t who will get you.

So what the hell is Hillary doing anywhere near the government? Don’t tell me she’s just conniving and is confident that between a bias press, a corrupt Administration and a growing percentage of ignorant populace she knows she can get away with it – that’s not it, friendo: Both Hillary and Eleanor are cuckoo-for Coco Puffs and you know it.

Why do I gotta be the bad guy and point it out?

Talk to the hand. No, the other one.. She’s out. Sorry.

It’s a fact that some women are sadly trapped in horrific situations with bad men. But what mentally stable, educated and sensible woman would stand by silently while some perverted and lying redneck publicly humiliates her beautiful and innocent young daughter – if in fact she possessed every financial and physical means to get away?

The answer is no healthy woman would do that.

I know there’s more to it than that, but only someone zealously motivated to fill a black hole with attention, with an indispensable and selfish drive for control and power would latch on like a pitbull’s jaw on a T-Bone to a predator like Bubba. What we know about that creep-o is the tiniest tip of the iceberg – just imagine what she’s had to scab over? But it’s not denial – it’s mental instability and the words that come out her now are manifest of someone who has bad things in store for you.

I’ve not the medical credentials to speak to treatment or a cure, but I know the difference between delusion and people who are a menace to society. Just because somebody’s not coming at you with a Glock doesn’t mean you are not in harm’s way, buddy. A bullet is quick and a lot of times pretty painful, but a collectivist gets you, your family and everything you ever worked for and believed in.

Trey Gowdy says as chair of the newly created select committee on Benghazi, he would like to subpoena and ask Hillary Clinton some questions. Her response? “All the questions have been answered.” Excuse me, Ms. Clinton, but I beg to differ..

gowdy_dangerousNo one has asked you the all important question: “Do you believe Ambassador Stevens was murdered, or in fact died of smoke inhalation in a safe room?” By the way, if Trey Gowdy actually asked her that question, I would personally drive to D.C. and award him the Greatest Man in History Trophy.

Trey: New haircut, dude. Just sayin’.

My point is these deranged, yet fully-functioning Marxist-in-sheep’s-pantsuits are playing by a different set of rules than you or I, or the rest of society for that matter. I’m not saying they go out and directly, physically hurt anybody – but they are absolutely immune to the horrors of the suffering inflicted on large swaths of people by policies and actions of tyrannical governing. And they’re not convinced it’s for the greater good as some would say – they flat-out don’t care.

They’re out for attention and revenge. I’m not kidding.

The way to fight these mental cases is not by laying out a logical argument, then debating the merits of legislation, regulation, law and foreign policy – then expecting them to do the right thing for America. These are the folks who passed ObamaCare for crying out loud – do you think they have any desire to do what’s right for America or Americans? Duh.

What everyone needs to come to grips with is that these oppressors need to be dealt with on their own sick level. They need to be thrown out of office by any means, by convincing them on their own terms that if they don’t go along with our ideas they will suffer the loss of their own lifestyles. They must be cajoled and threatened (politically, of course) and spanked like children at the slightest transgression. And most importantly – never trusted. Do not believe a word they say.

It’s like when a small child is telling you a story about what they did that day with their best friend out in the backyard: How they dug a hole really deep in the sandbox and went to China and found a spaceship and flew to Mars because the dog ran away there and they had to find it because it was nap time – and damn if the kid isn’t telling it like it really happened. Of course you know it’s a child, but how different is that from watching Hillary testify or Eleanor Clift on television?

LiberalismMentalIllnessThey’ve convinced themselves they’re telling the truth and that’s how they get through life. You can’t do battle with leftists through normal means, with logic and rules and procedure, common sense or legislation. What are you, new?

These people love it when we play by the rules – it’s perfect for folks who have no soul, nothing behind the facade of normalcy. Where does it come from? Somewhere along they line they’ve been done wrong and they want attention. Really, really bad. And when that attention is not forthcoming, they get really, really pissed off and they begin to force that attention on you, by controlling you. Tell me I’m wrong.

Show me your favorite far-left, controlling liberal and I’ll show you one pissed-off Sally who is tired of not getting the attention they so deserve and is gonna get it whether you like it or not. They’ve slow-playing this crap for 65 years and it is now taking hold in this country.

Liberals, do-gooders, Marxists, elitists – whatever you want to call them – all have one thing in common: They just want to be in charge, so they can make a good living telling everybody else what to do in between getting a massage and the next dinner party.

And you nimrods who support these leftist politicians – you think you’re going to have a seat at the table if they win? Hah! – You’ll just be the last one knelt down with a bullet to the back of the head. You’ll fall lifeless on the rest of us. Congrats – you’ll be on top.

Beware: When I see you in the gulag, I’m gonna kick your ass. Hard.


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