Dude, Benghazi is . . . so yesterday, says L’il Tommy, twerp author of ‘lying points’

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Once upon a time, there was a country of decent and hardworking people who trusted their elected politicians. Sometimes this turned out to be not-such-a-good idea. Tommy Graphic #1

Case in point: when Prince Hope-n-change (with his charming smile and adorable Dumbo ears) was elected to the presidency of his country. Accompanied by his lovely wife (who had just become proud of her country for the first time) he moved into our White House with his fellow travelers: radical-progressive-hoops shooting-hem kissers who constantly fed his Chicago-sized ego.

Prince Hope-n-Change’s minions knew that, to protect their cushy White House jobs, they would be required to protect the Prince and his job. No leadership failure was ever to be his fault . . . even when it was.

Then, a national tragedy occurred on September 11, 2012. The American consulate in Libya was attacked by Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists. Four brave Americans were killed. Was this the fault of incompetency in the White House or the Department of State? No! It was nobody’s fault, it just happened.

A spontaneous evening stroll

turned into a spontaneous protest

which became a spontaneous rocket attack

and resulted in the spontaneous deaths of four Americans.

 The hem kissers in the White House immediately realized that if the truth was revealed about how four Americans’ were abandoned and murdered, this could cause Prince Hope-n-change to lose his bid for reelection. As a result, they, along with all the overpaid and underqualified advisors, speech writers, photographers, secretaries, makeup artists, dog walkers, and food tasters would lose their cushy jobs and be forced to work in the real world. Worst of all, their goal of shoving America toward fundamental transformation (destruction) would be delayed or possibly thwarted.

As the facts from the ground came rolling in, it became obvious that cleverly written talking points were needed to divert negative attention away from the Prince. Who better for this creative writing task than L’il Tommy, official spokesman for the National Security Council?Tommy Graphic #2

Drawing on hours of political experience and his college training in fiction writing, L’il Tommy rewrote the events of Benghazi. White House spokespeople echoed his fictional scenario, word for word, on multiple radio, television, and press outlets. Pretty soon it became old news, ignored by the media lapdogs.

However, a small but dogged core of reporters and Judicial Watchdogs knew that Americans were being bamboozled, big time. They began to dig for the truth, and thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, they received (after 18 months) a few of the governmental emails transmitted during and immediately after the attack. These exposed L’il Tommy’s involvement in the creation of monumentally false and misleading talking points.

A well-respected reporter conducted a revealing video interview with L’il Tommy. The video was supposed to have been destroyed . . . but, instead, it was leaked to the press.

REPORTER: As spokesperson for the National Security Council, you were responsible for the revised talking points regarding the Benghazi tragedy. Is that correct? For example, you substituted the word “protest” for the word “attack.” Is that correct? And then, you helped rewrite the entire scenario to blame a YouTube video for causing the protest in the first place. Is that correct?

L’IL TOMMY: Like Dude, my job was to provide clarity for everybody who speaks for the White House. Accurate, clear and upbeat. Gotta’ make sure all Americans know the President’s team is workin’ 24/7 to serve, protect, and inform.

REPORTER: Nice slogan, did you write it?

L’IL TOMMY: Yuppidy doo dah, I did.

REPORTER: Any others we might remember?Tommy Graphic #3

L’IL TOMMY: My personal favorite was “Bin Laden is dead. GM is alive. Al Qaeda’s on the run.” One. Two. Three. All happy news.

REPORTER: We lost four brave Americans in an attack on our consulate in Benghazi. And, so far, nobody has been held responsible for the gross leadership failures that allowed this to occur.

L’IL TOMMY: Dude, those are down, down, downer words.

REPORTER: Truth is not always happy news. The loved ones left behind, as well as the American people, want to know why four Americans died. Don’t we owe them the truth?Tommy Graphic #4

L’IL TOMMY: Dude, it’s like, ancient history, right? What difference does it make if a bunch of guys were out walking and decided to blow off a little steam to celebrate the anniversary of 911. Since MacDonald’s was closed, they headed for the consulate. It just got out of hand, that’s all.

REPORTER: Guys out for a walk carry rocket launchers?

L’IL TOMMY: Hey, Libya’s a dangerous country, you know. Lions, tigers, and bears and all that. Well, maybe not bears. Everybody carries weapons.

REPORTER: There were real time reports from the ground while the consulate was under attack. Despite repeated requests for assistance, no one responded. Where was the President? In the situation room?

So, how does L’il Tommy explain Obama’s absence from the Situation Room? Was he at home packing for his Vegas trip? Or practicing his teleprompter campaign speeches? Or ironing his shirts? CLICK HERE TO read the rest of this article at TheBlaze.

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