DRUGS ARE BAD! Dancing naked woman proves it

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When drugs have you dancing naked on an external AC unit 11 stories up… It might be time to check yourself.


According to the Daily Star:

A NAKED woman drew huge crowds after she climbed onto an external air conditioning unit and started DANCING.

Police and firemen had gathered to the scene, initially thinking that the woman was about to kill herself by hurling herself to the ground below.

But the huge crowd who had gathered at the hotel were instead treated to the sight of the woman dancing on the small unit.

The naked woman was eventually dragged kicking and screaming to safety.

Drugs were found in the room and a urine test later confirmed that the woman had took them.

More pictures of the incident can be found here as we don’t want to offend anyone.

As America seems to move further and further towards legalization, let this serve as a reminder the effects that drugs might have on our society.

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