Correction: It Was a “Murder-Spree” by a “Nut-Job”… Thanks.

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BMW? He must have tried to shoot people with it. Damn NRA probably sold it to him..

Elliot Rodger planned an entire day of murder and he would have gone on killing, except somebody showed up with a gun. Not until then did it end.

Despite the stabbings, attempted murder by driving a vehicle on the sidewalk into people and obvious mental insanity – the mainstream media is still reporting this as a “shooting” by a “gunman.”

Wasn’t it a “murder-spree” by a “nut-job”?

If I were more like, HuffPo, MSNBC, Daily Kos, the NY Times, or the others in the media, I guess I’d describe the mass murders in Southern California carried out by Elliot Rodger like this:

“The multiple revenge-slaughters of hetero-sexual men and women in liberal Santa Barbara, has this Democrat majority seaside community still in shock. A completely nuts, obsessed and some say “gay weirdo” 22-year-old virgin named Elliot Rodger (from a Hollywood family) – armed with a knife and out to kill men and women attracted to each other, but not him – stabbed his male-only roommate partners before mowing over innocent people on the sidewalks with his German auto.

Seven people are dead so far in this Democrat-run, pro-gun control, gated community where the only people of color clean pools, cut lawns, vote Democrat, nanny for limosine liberals and occasionally go on a biat-shiite crazy murdering rampage.

California voters went for Barack Obama twice in overwhelming numbers and elected Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown as Governor, who signed sweeping restrictions on Second-Amendment rights for lawful gun owners. Elliot Rodger – clearly an Occupy wannabe – died like he lived: Surrounded by people frightened and repulsed by the sight of him..”

Right? Liberals have been vehemently blaming their favorite targets, if you will, for the psychopathic killings of one Elliot Rodger with absolutely no shame and less facts.

The usual leftists and gun-grabbers wasted no time blaming this disturbed kid’s killing spree on the proliferation of guns, misogyny, Republicans, “men’s rights” groups, bullying, conservatives, the NRA, lobbyists and the Tea Party.


gentlemanBecause Elliot Rodger, who described himself as “The perfect guy,” included coeds among the seven dead in his rampage – the pious disciples of never letting a crisis go to waste – even added an old favorite to their feigned outrage after mass shootings:  “The War on Women” continues, unabated!

I watched Elliot Rodger’s YouTube videos where he lament’s his horrific life of being young and living in a seaside paradise. For the most part, he blames his misery on young, pretty women who he says were not attracted to him, despite him being “The supreme gentleman”:

“Girls, all I’ve ever wanted was to love you and to be loved by you. I’ve wanted sex. I’ve wanted love, affection, adoration. You think I’m unworthy of it. That’s a crime that can never be forgiven. If I can’t have you girls, I will destroy you.”

Yikes! Bad, bad, bad, Elliot and yes, more than a little nutty..

However, I have a slightly different take than your average Jr. Psychologist on what may have drove him to not just shoot some coeds, but stab his roommates, drive his Beamer up the sidewalk into random people walking and riding bikes, shoot into crowds, at police, etc.

Watch these videos and read his ramblings: Am I the only one who hears and sees a troubled male unable to accept his homosexuality? No, I’m not actually.

Listen all you budding “perfect men” out there looking to hook up: I’m no psyche major, but making videos with a message essentially saying; “No one wants to have sex with me so I’m gonna kill all of you” is no way to lose your virginity, my homies. Rodger also says in his final video that he’s 22 and never had sex or even been kissed? There’s a surprise.

I don’t think many women are sexually attracted to a guy whose voice sets off their gaydar every time they open their mouth. Also – the first thing women look for is not an evil laugh and homicidal tendencies, either. I said “homicidal” but if you read something else – fine, whatever.

The minute I heard about another murder spree, I thought “I can’t wait for the gun grabbers to blame this kid’s crimes on intimate objects, not the mentally insane.” But oh, no – the left is going even further – it’s also the fault of misogynists united!

Just being a man, being attracted to women, wanting them to be attracted to us or doing anything associated with manliness, maleness, testosterone, heterosexuality or *gasp* conservative causes drove this poor young man to wage the ultimate War on Women!

miley-cyrus-penis-blow-up-may-9It had nothing to do with the rampant sexualization of children being bombarded into kids by MTV, movies, commercials, music and every other opportunity nowadays putting pressure on children to engage in sex to keep up with their peers.

No, it’s the Republicans and their damned Bill of Rights that caused him to it.

Funny, if you ask someone in the business of making films if they believe movies can inspire people to do good things – their faces will light up!

They’ll state proudly, “Of course – that’s why I want to make movies – to change the world for the better!” (or something to that effect – you get the basic idea).

But ask if movies can inspire people to do bad things – they’ll crunch up their faces and look at you like you’re about to drive your Beamer up on the sidewalk: “Of course not! Life doesn’t imitate art! That’s the parents fault! It’s society! Republicans! Guns! Why, I… um, how dare you! It’s those … hey, look – cat videos!

American-PieThe reason I bring that up is not because Elliot Rodger’s dad was a second unit director on the movie “Hunger Games,” but because the incident reminds me of “American Pie” when it first hit theaters and the trailer was on TV. Stick with me for a second:

I wonder if this whole thing isn’t Elliot Rodger’s mom’s fault for not having an apple pie handy whenever her spoiled brat got the uncontrollable urge. Isn’t that the solution right there on the kitchen counter?

Call me an old coot, but when I was growing up, being a virgin at 22 wasn’t exactly a reason to go shooting up the place unless you’re out of your mind knowing you’re going to be a virgin forever when it comes to women. With the emphasis on “you’re out of your mind.”

Lot of people knew damn well Elliot Rodger was “a serial killer in the making” – even his parents alerted police who came to check in on him. Elliot confided his entire plan would be found out if only the police would have searched his room. He even contemplated shooting cops if they caught on.

On a bodybuilding web forum Rodgers posted vile things about women, but refused the help of fellow site members who were concerned about him. Seems like everyone tried and failed Elliot – who refused help at every turn. Of course the police can’t really ask about the crazy stuff because that’s not PC.. or legal. Don’t want to run afoul of the lefties, concerned with the privacy of the criminally insane.

Elliot-Rodger1Folks: Guns aren’t our problem, mentally ill people are – no matter what the looney-left is screaming about in the headlines now. They’re always wrong right after these shootings, blaming it on the Tea Party or Sarah Palin or now, the War on Women and misogyny.

While we’re on the subject, it’s not only moi who’s suggesting this kid hated his own feelings of sexuality because they might have been for males and not females (not that there’s anything Seinfeld with that).

But what is the left going to say when it comes out – when it’s a gay thing, not a men’s group or misogyny or a War on Women at all? Just what will the intolerant, gun-obsessed, anti-Capitalist, anti-liberty, fascist-Lite going to say then?… Simple – they’ll say nothing.

It’s weird how the left doesn’t even care that it looks stupid all the time.

Take ObamaCare (please): How stupid does anybody look who voted for, or supports this thing? You’d think anyone would be apologizing like mad and saying at the very least, “hey, we just need to fix it – it’s good intentioned” or something.

220px-Speaker_Nancy_PelosiNo, they keep saying it’s great. They don’t care how frickin’ stupid they look as long as there’s a group of folks even stupider to be there and clap, or people just scared or ignorant.

Have you ever heard a liberal say, “You know that time that guy that shot all those people? He turned out not to be a Tea Party guy – he was just nuts but the fact that he voted for Obama is irrelevant..” No.

They don’t care if they look utterly dumb-ass Pelosi-retardo.

She’s an idiot, by the way. Have you ever met her and heard her try to have a conversation? Do you realize that Nancy Pelosi was third in line at one point? Man-o-Manischewitz …

I truly could give a rat’s ass if Elliot Rodger was gay – to me it’s obvious he hated himself the most. He hated his sexual desires, clearly. Tell me I’m wrong about that and you’re an idiot. Watch and listen to his “Retribution” YouTube rants and get back to me. Now back to liberals and their phony BS: Here’s some of those nasty things we conservatives call “Facts”:

1. Elliot Rodger bought all of his ammunition, guns and magazines legally. He passed the requisite “background check” for each gun and had no magazines that would hold more than 10 rounds.

… Boy does that Gun Control Shiite work, or what?? Congratulations Jerry Brown! Mission accomplished!

2. The first three people Rodger killed were A. Male and B. Stabbed…

… Kind of (pinky to mouth) puts a hole in the misogyny / gun causation theory.

3. Used his BMW as a weapon in an attempt to kill random people on the sidewalk.

… see above pinky to mouth thing.

4. In his manifesto, Rodger said he planned to run people over, stab them, and shoot them, killing as many as he could.

… pre-meditated randomness – not targeted war on women with evil gun.

5. Rodger would have continued, but – some brave, dare I say “macho” males with loaded guns finally arrived – the police – and used guns to stop the rampage (Mr. Elliot shoots himself in the head).


EOM-1Makes ‘ya wonder what woulda happened if the first person he encountered pulled out a conceal and carry?

Maybe the hospital that night would only have had to clean a soiled pair of 22-year-old’s underwear, instead of all that blood?

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