Christopher Hubbart, Convicted of 38 Rapes Is Now Free

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Where is the justice?

This man (I use the term lightly) was convicted of 38 rapes. He also told authorities that 70 more rapes went unreported.

He has destroyed lives, brought fear to entire communities and somehow instead up being put to death he gets to walk among us once again.

You don’t rehabilitate people like this this, you destroy them!

He’s known as the ‘Pillowcase rapist,’ and spent the last 20 years in a California mental hospital.

Prosecutors say 62-year-old Christopher Hubbart sexually assaulted some 40 women.

Now he is set to be released and move into a residential community north of Los Angeles by the first week of July in spite of a host of vocal protests.

Neighbors there say they are angry, afraid and fighting to keep him out.

Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Gilbert Brown issued a brief order saying that Hubbart, 63, must be released by July 7, Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey said in a statement.

With several severe restrictions that include 24-hour GPS monitoring, Hubbart will be allowed to rent a small house in a remote area in Lake Los Angeles, near the city of Palmdale.

Hubbart has acknowledged raping and assaulting about 40 women between 1971 and 1982, when he was sentenced to 16 years in prison.

He was paroled in 1990, but arrested in a new attack just two months later and returned to prison until 1996.

When his term ended, he was deemed a sexually violent predator and confined to a state mental hospital. Doctors at the hospital recently concluded he was fit for release, but few options were available.

The court systems have failed and obviously the soon to be neighbors are in uproar.

You have 2 choices: move or live in fear.

Yet another reason to get involved in local politics. The people that you choose to lead, have a big say in the environment you live in.

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