Chick therapy

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We wanted to upgrade our flock of chickens with some fresh blood, so we decided to buy some chicks. Specifically we wanted someAmericaunas, some Golden-laced Wyondottes, some Buff Orpingtons, and some Cornish Crosses (for butchering). Except for the Cornish Crosses, these other breeds are commonly available, decent egg-layers, and just durned pretty. I like a lot of variety in our flock.

But buying chicks, much less these specific breeds, turned out to be surprisingly difficult. I called a number of feed stores (locally, as well as Coeur d’Alene) and inquired as to the availability of these particular breeds. What I learned is that chicks are being snapped up like crazy. Also, prices were fairly high, ranging from $2 each for Cornish Crosses to $5 each for Americaunas.

Well, despite the scarcity and high prices, it sounds like a lot of people are getting backyard chickens and discovering the fun of producing some of their own food. This is a wonderful trend I applaud to the highest magnitude.

So I had to readjust my expectations. While in Coeur d’Alene, we swung by a feed store to see what breeds were available. We found they had Silver-laced Wyondottes (not as handsome as the Golden-laced, but still pretty) as well as Buffs. We bought five of each.

chick therapy

They’re so irresistible at this age. Holding them is like “chick therapy.”


When chicks sleep, they group together like puppies. Very cute.


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