You can believe the mainstream media because they don’t wear pajamas

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“Mainstream” media says it all.They’ve got editors. And they’ve got all kinds of resources. They have ethics, and their ethics are written down in “ethics statements” for all to see. Don’t forget, they’ve got college degrees in “journalism” too. Unlike your lowly Curmudgeon who suffers through life with an engineering degree and, ethics I learned at home, and as for resources, well there’s Mrs. Curmudgeon’s food budget.

Which brings us to another Rather interesting story. And we’re sure Dan would be proud of this one.

Politico‘s senior White House reporter came under fire on Thursday after he falsely asserted in a report that Sen. John McCain (R., Ariz.) had called for the invasions of North Korea and Iran.

Politico reporter Edward-Isaac Dovere is being charged with “intellectual dishonesty” by McCain’s camp after he claimed in an article that McCain supported the invasion of the two countries, a position that he does not hold.


Politico was forced to correct the report after a McCain spokesperson explained the facts in a scathing rebuke.


McCain spokesman Brian Rogers slammed Devore and Politico for failing to perform a basic fact check before publishing false claims.

English: Original caption:"NASA Remembers...It’s no secret that we’re not fond of John McCain. We haven’t found evidence that he’s the anti-Christ, be we’d probably be willing to post speculation on that point if we could even find a thin thread of logic in the charge. Of course, because we learned ethics at our dad’s knee, we’d let you know that we don’t like McCain and that the posting is pure speculation. Fair is fair.

The mainstream press doesn’t hold itself to even those slim standards. There are examples galore going back to St. Walter Cronkite, the “most respected man in America.” During the Tet offensive in the Vietnam war – a war which St. Walter was devoutly against – CBS had footage of a US cargo plane being shot down and they had it from three different angles. Cronkite ran the footage, rotating the camera angles night after night on CBS news, pretending like it was a different plane every night. He’s never been called to account for that travesty of lies, and, to our supreme irritation, Arizona State University named their “School of Journalism” after St. Walter.

At any rate, they’re still at it.

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