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You Won’t Believe This Isn’t Real


Artists who specialize in extreme or hyperrealistic art will make you believe you’re looking at something other than a painting or sculpture.

It blows me away that people have the talent and the patience to create anything close to this:

1. Omar Ortiz – Oil on linen
2. Paul Cadden – Pencil on paper
3. Kamalky Laureano – Acrylic on canvas
4. Gregory Thielker – Oil on canvas

5. Lee Price – Oil on linen

6. Ben Weiner – Paintings of paint

7. Ron Mueck – Sculpture and mixed materials

8. Kim Ji-hoon – Pencil

9. Christina K – Drawing on tinted brown paper

10. Ray Hare – Acrylic on canvas

11. Thomas Arvid – Limited edition giclee on canvas

12. Samuel Silva – Ballpoint pen

13. Gottfried Helnwein – Oil and acrylic on canvas

14. Kelvin Okafor – Graphite pencils

15. Robert Longo – Charcoal on mounted paper

16. Diego Fazio – Charcoal pencil

17. Bryan Drury – Oil on wood

#9 was my favorite, but i thought #16 was the most real. What about yours?

I just wish I could do anything artistic.. besides bitch about liberals – I’ve made that into an artform..



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