What’s Fair about Giving Your “Fair Share?” Absolutely nothing!

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Haves # 8 food card

Once upon a time . . . a self-motivated ANT named Sunny, prepared for the approach of winter while his neighbor, Share, a good-for-nothing GRASSHOPPER, lounged around and ridiculed him for working so hard.

But, when temperatures began to drop, Share realized he had no shelter, no stored food, and would perish during winter. He resented Sunny and his comfortable home with a well-stocked pantry.

Share’s emotional stress over his lack of security caused him to suffer migraines and pain in his back legs. He thought, “It’s just not fair that my life is so un-equal!”

He called a press conference to complain how Sunny was comfortable, well fed, and owned a home. He whined and moaned that he, a poor, handicapped grasshopper, was homeless, hungry, and suffering.

Once the cameras were rolling, Share limped back and forth in front of Sunny‘s home carrying a sign, “Those who have more don’t give their fair share to feed and house others who are less fortunate.”

Lame-stream journalists declared Share to be the victim of a culture that refused to do the right thing and redistribute its wealth. MSNBC viewers loved the story. Ratings exploded. One commentator shed a tear as a thrill ran up his leg when he described the “brave little bugger” who struggled against inequality.

Mobs of unemployed college grads, shirkers, bloggers, illegal immigrants, network camera crews, and bloggers rushed to the forest to film Share’s plight and demand their fair share.

On cue, and just in time for the six o’clock news, a ruckus broke out between the occupiers. Some shouted “racist” when others sang, “It’s not easy being green, unemployed, and disabled.”

This was followed by a diatribe from a reed-thin, pipsqueak politician who hinted that he possessed information (from an un-named source) that Sunny was a militia member, and therefore, a domestic terrorist.

Casting logic to the wind (which was becoming colder by the hour) an enterprising producer launched a reality show, “The Face of ANT-I Americanism.” Ratings sky rocketed. The occupiers, wanting to extend their 15 minutes of fame, demanded their fair share of tents, food, and camping supplies so they could continue to raise awareness in comfort.

Determined not to let a good crisis go to waste, another political leader, famous for her “find out what’s in it after we pass the bill” comment, stepped into the PR arena. She flashed her Boxtox-enhanced smile, and clutched her gold cross as testimony to her deeply felt, pro-abortion, religious convictions. Declaring the importance of honoring the plight and work ethic of  green insects, she bowed her head in reverence as she washed all six of Share’s tiny feet.

In a well-orchestrated national press conference, Princess Pantsuit ranted about how the opposition party was nothing more than insensitive oafs who demonstrated their lack of caring for “the little guy.” She quoted their declaration of “what difference does it make?” as proof that Sunny was a closet elitist and a member of the vast right wing conspiracy. Hillary Clinton at senate hearing

The president of the country jumped on the bandwagon and signed an  executive order to increase Sunny’s income tax and made it retroactive to the beginning of summer. In order to pay the tax, Sunny depleted his 401K retirement fund.

But wait, there’s more!

NSA provided surveillance that showed Sunny building his house in a protected forest preserve, home to a common spotted owl, recently declared to be an endangered species.

Then, the BLM (Bully Lawless Men) leaked evidence that Sunny had harvested six (6) berries from wild-plants growing in the protected forest preserve, in violation of their “no grazing” edict. He was fined heavily for this transgression.

Because Sunny had depleted his savings to pay the retroactive tax levied by the president’s executive order, he was unable to pay the fine.

The government, citing Imminent Domain, seized Sunny’s home and gave it to Share.

Dazed by the downturn in his life, Sunny wandered away and was never seen again. And, as you might expect, Share whined about not having enough food, a place to live, and voila! the government not only gave him food stamps, welfare, disability, and Sunny’s former home.Haves #13 book

Looks like Sunny got nothing and selfish Share got it all. But is that really what happened? Or is there disaster just around the corner for the deceptive and selfish grasshopper? Will Share reap his “just rewards” and become squashed like a . . . ? CLICK HERE to finish reading this fable at TheBlaze.

P.S. This fable is an updated except from my FREE book of political fables for you to download and pass around to your political pals and the less-aware people in your universe. Use it to start conversations about what we-the-people must do to restore America’s financial and moral foundation. CLICK HERE to access the link at Granny Guerrillas.com.

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