Obama Still Wishy-Washy Toward Putin in Ukraine

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Um, Mr. Putin?…. Excuse me…Vlad? We have a gun giveaway just below here… Vlad?

Could the Obama Administration be more squishy toward Putin and his disruption of Ukraine?

The President still hasn’t put on his big boy panties and declared what the sanctions are and when, or if, he will implement them.

And we’re supposed to believe that someone, somewhere in the administration is preparing something. Who knows what?

Do you get the feeling that when Vladimir Putin isn’t wrestling bears with his shirt off he’s doing vodka shots and thinking up new nicknames for Barack Obama with some buddies in the Kremlin leadership? “Comrade Stompy Foot” “The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers”  “President Tee Time”… You get the idea.


Hat tip: Washington Examiner

“It is accurate to say we have additional sanctions prepared and we will impose them as appropriate,” White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters aboard Air Force One en route to Pennsylvania with President Obama.


Carney, though, declined to share what those new sanctions would entail. It is also unclear when — or if — the administration would impose them. The announcement comes as Ukraine’s military conducts a military operation to retake buildings and areas seized by pro-Russian nationalist groups in the east of the country. The Russian groups are calling for Moscow to protect them and urging secession from Ukraine.


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Crimea? Crimea river why don’t you?

Russian military forces have massed on the border, and while the Kremlin insists that it is not planning an invasion of its neighbor, the Obama administration has accused Moscow of working to destabilize Ukraine. U.S., Ukrainian, Russian and European Union officials will meet in Geneva on Thursday to discuss the crisis, but Russian President Vladimir Putin has rejected prior calls from the west to pull back his military forces and urge the pro-Russian separatist groups to stand down.


The State Department on Wednesday unveiled a list of demands for Russia to destabilize the situation and also stressed that additional sanctions had been “prepared.” Prior rounds of U.S. sanctions have targeted individuals found to be undermining democracy and Ukraine’s sovereignty, a key Russian bank used by Putin’s allies and an oil company based in the disputed Crimean region.

It’s the clumsy, indecisiveness coming out of the White House that has so many Americans steamed. Oh, except when it came to facing off with the Cliven Bundy gang–then the fed’s moved with clear direction and tons of force.

There’s something terribly wrong when domestic cattlemen are threatened with decisive aggression and actually have their property confiscated; but on the world scene, a potential enemy of democracy is treated with maybe the possibility of probably some kind of ineffective restrictions.

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