VIDEO: Portrait of Vince – 0 to 10 Years in 4 Minutes

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Kind of made me want to know what the kid was talking about..

 From The Daily Mail

Seize every single moment. Parents hear it all the time..

Frans Hofmeester began shooting short pieces of video of his daughter, Lotte, starting soon after she was born on October 28, 1999. These short spurts of video spliced together allow viewers essentially to watch the girl grow up before their very eyes.

Hofmeester – both a filmmaker and a photographer – has made a similar video of his son, Vince (ABOVE)

By shooting footage of his kids every day and then stringing them together in two remarkable time-lapse videos, he has quite literally seized the moments.

Hofmeester used the time he shoot the videos to talk to his kids about their life and how their weeks were going.

The videos end with a “to be continued”, which most likely implies that he’s still filming the videos every week.

And you thought your kids grew up fast..

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