There’s TROUBLE right here in River City

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River City being the city by the Potomac, Washington DC, and “trouble,” at least for the Democrats, is two words. They start with “O” and “D” and they’re “ObamaCare” and “Denial.” Realistically, you could throw in another “O,” that being “Obama.”

There’s a new poll out from the YG Network that’s not a good indicator if you’re a Democrat.

The poll found that 59 percent of independents and 55 percent of undecideds in the battleground districts disapprove of the president’s performance. Additionally, just 45 percent of those aged 18-44 and 46 percent of Hispanics in battlegrounds approve of Obama’s performance.

The President keeps talking about 8 million “enrollments” as a measure of success, they aren’t talking about how many people actually have paid the premiums or what the age distribution of the actual insured is.

They’re also doing nothing to assuage the real fear that people have with respect to their doctor and hospital will be.

In those same battleground districts where President Obama looks to be an anchor for any Democrat, ObamaCare’s numbers are even worse.

ObamaCare has a 39% approval rate and a 56% disapproval rate. In other words, there’s not likely to be a groundswell of voters showing up to make sure the racist Republicans who hate womyn and the poor don’t mess with their healthcare. There’s more likely to be a groundswell of people showing up who are tired of Democrats telling them how to run their lives and spend their money.

One-third of the poll’s respondents are concerned that they will see changes for the worse in their health insurance or will lose it altogether. Keep that in mind as late summer approaches and the state insurance commissioners announce the new rates for 2015 and businesses start announcing changes and price increases to their large group plans.

Republicans, and especially conservatives, can’t take anything for granted with this upcoming election. Democrats are good at getting out the vote and they’ve still got a very bitter taste left over from the Tea Party sweeps in 2010. They will do absolutely anything to hold the Senate. Absolutely anything.

Desperation breeds contempt and there’s never been a political group that is more desperate or holds more contempt for both the US Constitution and the American voter than Barack Obama’s Democrats.

It’s time to get involved. As the height of campaign season rolls around, candidates will be looking for help, and more than just money. You can be involved in a district where your help can make a difference. For instance, campaigns routinely have the technology to make calls to prospective voters from your couch. They provide the technology, the names, and the script. All you have to do is donate a couple hours out of your day to inform people and get them motivated to go to the polls.

Start planning now to make a difference

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