Racist Owner of the L.A. Clippers – a 100% Democrat Donor

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donaldsterlingI’m sure the mainstream media was ready to report the rich, old, white, hate-spewing, racist owner of the LA Clippers is a Republican and no doubt supports Tea Party candidates, hangs with the Koch Brothers, has a Super-PAC with Karl Rove, watches Fox News and voted for Sarah Palin.

They probably had their by-lines and teleprompters half ready when they got the bad news:

That’s right – just like Separate but Equal, Japanese Internment Camps, Jim Crow, slavery, the KKK and Bull Conner – Clippers Owner Donald Sterling’s political contribution’s are all Democrat.

Hat tip Daily Caller:

According to records obtained by the independent data research tool Littlesis.org – maintained by the Public Accountability Initiative – the owner of the LA Clippers embroiled in controversy has only donated to Democratic candidates.


Between 1990 and 1992 Donald Sterling made a $2,000 donations to the former New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley, a $1000 donation to current Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy, as well as a $1000 donation to the recalled former governor of California Gray Davis.


A 100% track record of donating to Democrats.

Aww.. and they were hoping that for once it could be somebody else.

Did I mention Sterling made his fortune as a divorce and personal injury lawyer and Southern California real estate developer? He’s worth $1.9 billion.

.. You know, one of those nasty 1% ‘ers. Maybe as a penalty he can shine Bill Clinton’s shoes?



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