So Over The Racial Sh*t!

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I have had it. I have HAD IT. The whole race thing. I’m sick to death of it. I’ve been sick of it since I was around, like nine years old. And I was raised in Alabama mind you. I never got it then and I don’t get it now.

What is really sickening is seeing people like Eric Holder (Attorney General of the United States, mind you) publicly crying about how people treat him because of his princely…I mean, racial appearance. What is he, like five-years old or something? In fact, this is all so immature – these people are nothing more than bullies who are still living the playground politics of their youth. “It’s not faaaaaiiir.”

So Cliven Bundy made his comments as he did. So what? He was speaking the language of the culture he was raised in. These same people that consent and even encourage calling each other the N-Word are up in arms because a ranchman who is not an orator said something most of us are thinking. Hell, even Hannity and Col. West jumped on the P.C. wagon. Now that is disappointing. Mr. Bundy was merely saying that a federal government that fosters dependency is worse than slave holders who at least taught their slaves a trade. As John Adams said, “facts are stubborn things.” And come on, really? Let’s be real. Most slave owners were not like Simon Legree. Most weren’t. They needed healthy and at least content people working for them, otherwise they were not productive. The Southerners in fact looked with derision at the Northerners who employed people (including children) in factories and industries while paying them the most meager and barely sustainable of wages. Why, they said, “at least in the South we give our slaves free housing, food, clothing, medical care, and other necessities.” And I’m really sorry to say something that might “offend” any babies…I mean, anyone…but these people forged human relationships. They lived together day by day. Arrangements were, different, people worked in a different stratum environment. We really need to quit allowing armchair historians to play political football with what really happened. That’s erasing our history and that is chilling.

However, let me add: the most productive and happy people would include anyone who can enjoy the fruits of his or her own industry with the least interference while they generate whatever it is that they want in that pursuit. That would be anyone, doesn’t matter what they look like.

So, PC Police, how dare you use this nonsense to silence free people??

We need to get some adults like Cliven Bundy running the show again. This is America for crying out loud. Being an American doesn’t have Jack to do with what body you are in. It is about a spirit of freedom that all people should be able to enjoy. How naïve we are that we have become so cavalier about our precious freedoms. Ask anyone who is not free, and what they will want most of all, is freedom.

Oh and by the way, I teach college students and collegiate high school students, law and government. They are a lovely picture of true Americana – bright young people of all kinds of names and backgrounds and ethnicities. And they all get along great, they really like each other and appreciate the flavor of America that comes in our shared but different ethnicities. In fact, they don’t get what all the fuss about race is with the older folks. Get policies that allow everyone to prosper. If they are American or legally trying to become one, then it doesn’t matter what they look like.

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