The Progressive idea of tolerance and diversity

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Brendan Eich.

Mr. Eich, as we noted here, made a $1,000 donation to support California Prop 8, a ballot initiative that supported traditional marriage. The measure passed in California, making it a matter for the California State Constitution that marriage was between one man and one woman.

A federal court struck the measure down and SCOTUS simply bailed on the issue by ruling that the parties who brought suit to defend the initiative didn’t have standing to bring the suit.

Last night we saw what passes for tolerance from the new arbiters of social norms, Mr. Eich was forced to resign his position as CEO of Mozilla.

In case you missed our previous post, Mr. Eich wasn’t just some guy Mozilla brought in last week to lead the company. He was the guy who invented JavaScript and who was a co-founder of Mozilla. Until his appointment as CEO last week he was Mozilla’s Chief Technology Officer.

To make matters more interesting, the offending donation was made in 2008 at a time when two politicians of national prominence had taken public stands on the issue of same sex marriage. Dick Cheney, then Vice President of the United States and Barack Obama, then the junior senator from Illinois. The position of Mr. Eich was in full accord with that of one of those men, and it wasn’t The Evil Dick Cheney.

Mr. Eich’s donation was made public several years ago, so his position on marriage has been a well-known fact for a long time. Apparently the left is in such a quandary about the current polling for their Congressional Representatives and Senators that it was time to make a point. That point being, if you want to roam away from the Progressive Line, you’re going to pay a price.

Brendan Eich just found the Gaystappo lynch mob, and the folks who run Mozilla turned their backs on one of the most talented people in the technology business.

Make no mistake about this, it’s not about Mr. Eich. He’ll do just fine. He’s a financial 1%er – and he earned every nickel of it. He’s extraordinarily talented and he isn’t likely to be unemployed long.

The point of this action is to intimidate conservatives. People are taking note that if the co-founder of a company can be cast off the roof over this, what kind of chance does your average guy have? They’ve squelched free speech and freedom of association in the same way the IRS set out to destroy the Tea Parties.

Welcome to 1984.



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