Is President Obama “too black to fail?”

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In 2008, some companies were “too big to fail.”

In 2014, is President Obama “too black to fail?”

Hat tip: Communities Digital News

FRESNO, April 24, 2014 — Six years into Barack Obama’s presidency, problems he promised to vanquish seem more vexing than ever.


Domestically, America is facing the weakest economic recovery in our nation’s history. Globally, world leaders openly defy Obama, often in a mocking manner. Ethically, the Obama administration is facing a significant number of serious scandals including Benghazi and IRS abuses.


Despite repeated platitudes about America having turned a corner, a majority of Americans feel America is in significant trouble.


Despite all of this, a large majority of liberal Democrat Obama voters insist that the Obama agenda is working. Anything that is not working is because of GOP obstructionism and forces beyond Obama’s control. If he cannot fix this, nobody can.


Obama has been turned into the Goldman Sachs of politicians. No matter how low his stock crashes, he has a support base determined to give him a political bailout. At this point the big question needs to be asked: Is Obama too black to fail?

The left will howl racism, but the question is a serious one. Obama supports federal bailouts because he has become one. He props up failed entities, and they prop up the failed entity that is him.

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