Paul Krugman’s New $25k per Month Gig and Income Inequality

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krugmanDemocrats are correct when saying income inequality has never been so bad in the United States.

They’re wrong when they say it’s Republicans who are at fault.  Problem is, Republicans aren’t doing or saying a thing to make a difference or change anyone’s minds.

In the meantime, Paul Krugman and his cat are getting filthy rich, bitching about it. And you’re paying for his new $25,000 per month job, telling college kids how wrong it is to make good money.

It’s just wrong, you know… ‘Cause they, um.. are the Repub.. Haliburton is.. uh.. hey I have a kitty!

Until Republicans are willing to change this country’s monetary policy, stabilize the dollar and actually grow wages and incomes for the bottom 90%, we don’t stand a chance at winning this argument. If that sounds like a liberal talking, then maybe you’ve been brainwashed into thinking working people don’t matter, too. The Middle Class is getting squeezed by both parties, folks.

TARP was started during the Bush Administration and it is the Fed through their Chairman who has suppressed wages over the past 35 years. You want to know more, go over and read Rich Lowrie at PutGrowthFirst – he’s way smarter than me, but I’m louder.

Still think Republicans have the answers? When was the last time you got a raise?

Who’s got the biggest booger? .. Harry wins again? .. damn.

I’m not saying Democrats have the answer – they’re insane. The polices of Pelosi, Reid and Obama are downright Marxist. I’m saying that Republicans need to start articulating a message to actually grow the wages of working Americans so they’re not turned off to the American Dream which so many have been as of late.

Paul Krugman – who has made a living telling the masses how horrible America is because of income inequality – did just take a gig at NY City University’s Graduate Center – here’s the details from a couple hot conservative chicks (are there any other type?) who are also smarter than me:

Hat Tip Chicks on the Right:

City University’s Graduate Center and its research arm dedicated to studying income inequality has hired Paul Krugman to “contribute to the build-up” of a “new inequality initiative.” For his trouble, Krugman will be paid $225,000, he will receive full tenure and a distinguished professorship at the Graduate Center, and he won’t have to teach or supervise students.


Compare that to other tenured (but undistinguished) professors at the same university, who max out at just under $117,000, AND have to Actually Teach and even publish stuff. Compare that to General Petraeus, who was offered $150,000 by the same university, but had to conduct a 3 hour seminar every week.


Let me just remind you that Krugman’s main role will be to address INCOME INEQUALITY.


Isn’t that positively hilarious?


This is probably a good time to also mention that CUNY is publicly funded. Which means, of course, that WE are all paying Krugman’s ridiculous salary for doing next-to-nothing, so that he can tell us all about how income inequality is a huge problem. FOR REAL.


Krugman himself can’t believe his good luck. He writes, about the offer, “I admit that I had to read it several times to be clear … it’s remarkably generous.”


YA THINK?!?!??!


Plus, they say, Krugman is most likely taking a pay cut to leave Princeton. And besides, they justify, Krugman will likely be delighted to pay a higher marginal tax rate. So, there you go, taxpayers. Suck it up and pay the dude. Who cares that you can barely afford to pay your power bills each month? PAUL KRUGMAN NEEDS A HUGE PAYCHECK AND FANCY TITLES SO HE CAN TELL YOU HOW AWFUL INCOME INEQUALITY IS.



Like I said, they’re insane..

But way more clever than Republicans..

.. sometimes




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