Obama’s Delimma: Tell the Truth or Accept the Consequences

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Graphic # 6 Pinno Nose from TheBlazeOnce upon a long, cold winter night, the good citizens in the shining city on the hill, crossed their fingers and hoped spring would arrive soon. However, inside the locked-down White House, not a glimmer of hope could be seen by the Prince of Hope-n-Change who wallowed in despair.

When all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a computer mouse, the Prince tiptoed into his secret consultation room for a comfort session with his most trusted advisor.

He tapped on his magic mirror and whined, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, why am I not belov’d by all?”

The mirror fogged over, then cleared. The Prince rubbed his eyes in shock at the appearance of a laid-back surfer guy.

He asked, “Um . . . who are you?”

“Just call me Dude. The temp agency sent me to cover for the magic mirror lady while she works a gig at a Democrat fund raiser. She’s predicting winners and losers in the upcoming congressional elections.”

“Will she be back . . . un . . . soon”

“She gets back when she gets back. We got a little problem here? Think I’m not magically endowed ’cause I’m not decked out in cape, wand, and sparkly tiara? Are you racially profiling me ’cause I’m a pasty white guy?”

The Prince stammered, “Well, not exactly . . . but . . . ”

Dude laughed, “Mello out bro, I’m just messin’ with your head.”

He rubbed his hands together. “So, what’s happening? You’re not feelin’ the love? Poll numbers dropping? Hem kissers are AWOL and not begging you to cancel vacation plans and help with their re-election campaigns?”

The Prince slumped and nodded, “Un . . . ah . . . yes.”

Dude rubbed his hands together.

“Okie Doakie. Let’s figure out the cause and then map out a course of action. First, I got a question. How do you think people feel when you treat them like they are stupid, stupid, stupid?”

The Prince frowned. “I don’t know, I never did that.”

“Really? I’ll rephrase. What happens when the leader of the country, You-the-President, tell gobsmacking whoppers because you think They-the-People are too friggin’ stupid to understand they are not being told the truth?”

“I never did that!”

Dude rolled his eyes in disbelief. “Hmmmm. Time to reboot the ole’ memory.”

“Remember your promise about how you would jump-start the economy with a $787 Billion Dollar stimulus package for shovel-ready jobs? The truth? There were zip, zero, nada shovel-ready jobs.”

“I didn’t know that at the time.”

“Really? Mr. President Dude, you are the president. Correct-0-mente? You’re supposed to know that. Instead of “whoopsie” and cancelling the program, you took the cash and gave it to blue states, entitlements, and your cronies’ green energy projects. As a consequence, your citizens began to doubt your honesty and your judgment.”

The Prince rubbed his eyes. “OK, so I made a little smidgeon of a mistake. I promised something I couldn’t deliver. I moved on, why can’t they?”

“Ahah! That’s the problem. You didn’t move on. You super glued yourself in the same-oh-same-oh-lying-through-your-teeth mode about what you were gonna’ do to turn around America’s economy.”

“You were gonna’ rebuild the economy. Really? 91.8 Million able-bodied Americans aren’t working.”

“You didn’t rebuild that.”

“Then you were gonna’ rebuild America’s manufacturing base. Really? Your policies forced businesses to shrink, fire employees, close, or move off shore.”

“You didn’t rebuild that.”

“How about your promises to rebuild the healthcare system? Really? Keep your doctor, keep your plan, save money . . . lie after lie after lie.

“You didn’t rebuild the best healthcare system on the planet, you destroyed it.”

“And you never apologized for lying to your citizens, not even after they caught on.”

The Prince whined. “But . . . but . . . I believed what my advisors told me. I only said what they told me to say. It wasn’t my fault, not really. . .”

Dude held up his hand, “Yeah, right. Don’t interrupt. I’m on a roll here.”

“Because you don’t speak the truth, your trust factor is in the sub-basement. Your citizens are really edgy because they realize you are not a leader. You don’t/won’t/can’t lead the country.

Your focus is more on basketball scores, your golf game, and enhancing your personal image than on national policies.”

“You not only break promises and tell lies to your own people, you do the same to leaders of other countries. Guess what? They now believe you are untrustworthy and weak and your country is untrustworthy and weak, weak, weak.”


Hmmm. What else didn’t Obama build?

Who does he blame for his failures?

How does Dude apply the Pinocchio Syndrome to help Obama understand the value of telling the truth?

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