ObamaCare Cannot and Will Not Ever Be Repealed: Period.

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Filibuster this.

There was a time when ObamaCare could have been stopped, but it’s long over, so stop hoping for it or talking about it. Focus on Amnesty – that’s what Republicans have up their sleeves next for you.

ObamaCare is a done deal.

If you’re looking for the Republicans to get rid of the best thing they’ve ever had to kick the Democrat’s asses with – you’re a special kind of stupid. No matter how many times John Boehner lets House Republicans vote to repeal the ACA, it will never be repealed. Ever. Got it?

Do I have to explain it one more time? Fine:

ObamaCare was signed into law and no one wanted it, so Republicans were swept into the House majority in 2010 by the new Tea Party. The House could have defunded the ACA as per Article One, but they didn’t. They failed. No balls. Mostly a bunch of losers, it turns out. Two-thirds of them turned out to be RINO’s, seduced by DC and now along for the ride – voting like they’re told to – taking the money and giving you the high hard one.

Rhino with lipstick, computer generatedSure, they voted 47 or 50 times to repeal ObamaCare, but it never came up for a vote or even for debate in the Senate because of Harry Reid being the leader of the Democrat majority Senate. And even if it did, Obama would veto it.

That’s how our Representative Republic works. Defund, or live with it. You’re living with it. They could have funded the entire government except ObamaCare, but they didn’t.

Government didn’t have to shut down, either. Article One of the Constitution allows the House to defund single pieces of legislation while funding the entire rest of the government, so shut up already.

(By the way, will someone tell Bill O’Reilly how our government works? The Senate doesn’t “vote to defund” – the House does you dope. How’s that for pithy?)

tedcruzsunglassesNow I even hear my guy Ted Cruz saying he’s confident Republicans can soon repeal ObamaCare… uh-oh.

Even if we take back the Senate in 2014, guess what? Obama is still the President and will veto any repeal of his signature legislation. Duh.

Meanwhile, Republicans couldn’t be happier to have ObamaCare to run on, it being so unpopular with Americans. Forget that we’re suffering everyday with it – the ACA wins elections! And isn’t that more important that cancer patients losing their doctors, their plans, their hospitals, their treatments?

Let’s say there’s a miracle and the Republicans beat Hillary in 2016.. I know, I know, but just stay with me for a minute: The Republicans now have the House, the Senate and the White House. Aren’t we talking February or March of 2017 before they could actually repeal the ACA?

Do you have any idea how deep ObamaCare will have it’s tentacles in your life and the system as a whole by 2017? Repeal an entitlement then? Forget about it.

I just like this photo combo.

Tens of millions, maybe a hundred million will be in the system and it will have been the law for seven years, steadily being implemented and worming its way into the bureaucracy with tens and hundreds of thousands of government employees, hospital personnel, compliance officers, departments, billing, IRS agents – by the tens of thousands..

It’s probably too late now – but three years from now? Pa-lease – too late for sure. Besides, give me one piece of evidence the Republicans will start doing the right thing if they get back in power? In 2000-2005 the GOP had the House, the Senate and the White House:

bushgopDid they cut spending a dime? No. Did they eliminate the Departments of Education, Energy, the EPA? Uh-uh.  The GOP has been bitching about a Fair or Flat tax since I could walk, but did they reform the IRS or eliminate it? Hah! You mean disarm themselves? I think not.. In fact they became the most profligate spenders in the history of the U.S.

What about entitlements, did Republicans get rid of a couple when they had the chance – maybe privatize them? Did they at least reform entitlements? No, because they were too busy creating new ones. The Republicans were the worst stewards of the nation’s economy in the nation’s history… until Reid, Pelosi and Obama came along, of course.

ryan1Then all of a sudden, we’re the Party of cutting spending – look we got Paul Ryan!!

Cut me some slack you big-government lovers. Fact is, these guys sit around marveling at Barack Obama for how much money he’s been able to spend.

The GOP is not pissed at the debt, deficits or the spending – they’re just pissed that it didn’t go to their cronies – and now there’s no money left. Boo-frickin’ hoo.

Ridding you of ObamaCare was about defunding and now it’s lost. Done. Ain’t happening. The Republican’s took your money, your votes, your trust and screwed the pooch, friends. Now they have the best political weapon any Party has had since Watergate. You have ObamaCare now and you will always have it. End of story. That ship sailed and you better get used to it.

tea partyBy the way, if you’re a conservative who believes in small government, the Constitution and individual liberty, The GOP despises you. They want you to go home and STFU.

They demonize the Tea Party and partner with the most evil people, funding campaigns to destroy conservative and Tea Party candidates. The GOP establishment takes money from labor unions, George Soros connections, John Podesta – it doesn’t matter – as long as they can gain power and money.

Republicans love ObamaCare and when they talk about repealing ObamaCare they are lying to you pal. Big time. They damn well know it cannot be repealed. Not now, not ever.

You better drop your concern about ObamaCare and focus on Amnesty ’cause that’s next. By the time 30 million undocumented Democrats are legalized, the current GOPster’s will be long gone.

Sleeping on beds of money.



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