Mother Sacrifices Her Life For Unborn Baby

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elizabeth-joice (1)Would you forego a critical cancer treatment if by doing so it could kill your unborn baby? That is exactly what Elizabeth Joice, 36, did in order to save her baby’s life, even though it meant she would quite possibly have to sacrifice her own.

In an inspirational story of true love, the mother sacrificed her life for the life of her unborn baby instead of choosing to abort her.

Joice had been diagnosed with cancer after a malignant tumor was found in 2010. After being treated, she went into remission and was declared to be cancer-free for three years.

She was told by medical professionals that she and her husband may never have children due to the treatment she received. However, last summer, Joice found out she was a pregnant. A mere month later, Joice found out that the cancer had returned.

Doctors removed a tumor on her lung but were unable to do a full MRI of her body, which would allow them to find out if the cancer had spread to other parts of her body. To conduct a full MRI could mean that her baby’s life could be terminated. Joice opted not to abort the baby and do the MRI , even though she knew that her life could end as a result. Her decision to not do the full body MRI did in fact cost her her life. After the baby was born, cancer was discovered in Joice’s heart, lung, and abdomen. She died in March, a couple of months after her newborn baby girl Lily came into the world.

In this time of casual abortions done out of convenience for the mother in many cases, Joice’s story provides a reminder that many do highly value the baby in their womb. Elizabeth Joice, a woman in her 30s with many years of possible life ahead of her, paid the ultimate price to ensure that her baby would survive. How many today would risk the ravages of cancer and death to see their unborn baby not be aborted? Her story should serve as an inspiration to all of us.

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