Mother banned from child’s elementary school for objecting to Common Core

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It doesn’t get more Gestapoesque than this. ABC News affiliate KXTV has the story of a Sacramento mother who was visited by the police and served with a notice informing her that she would not be permitted onto school property for a period of 14 days.

What had Katherine O’Neal Duran done to become persona non grata at Mark Twain Elementary School? Had she spit in the principal’s coffee? No, but she did something in the view of the administrators that was just as heinous. She had printed out and distributed forms to parents, which, by affixing their signature, would exempt their children from having to take the Common Core tests in math and English.

Questions arise, not least among them whether a school has legal standing to ban a parent because she disagrees with their teaching methodology. School officials don’t even seem that sure of why Duran was banished in the first place. Gabe Ross, a spokesman for the Sacramento Unified School District, told reporters:



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