Manager Risks Life Against Armed Shoplifter…Then Fired!

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Attention all shoplifters, robbers and thieves of all kinds: Get your loot at Kroger stores where you can now steal without fear of an altercation.  Go ahead, they don’t mind.  In fact, they’ll fire the guys who would stop your getaway.  All of you crooks can count on Kroger.


“Please, be our guest. We’ll recover the loss by gouging honest shoppers.”

Hat tip: Howard Portnoy for Liberty Unyielding

Let this be a lesson to good Samaritans everywhere. Attempt to help out your employer by chasing a shoplifter into the store’s parking lot, reacting deftly and courageously when the man pulls a knife on you, and you too may face termination as your reward.


The situation could not be more black and white. The assistant manager, who is not identified in the report, had 13 years of experience in the area of loss prevention. Claude Medlock, 51, the man he accosted in the parking lot of the Kroger store where he worked, had a lengthy criminal history that includes theft and robbery convictions. In the video, the manager can be seen wresting the knife away from Medlock and ultimately throwing him to the ground.Arlington police told reporters they didn’t consider the manger’s actions criminal. The grocery chain, however, had a different take. In a statement released last Friday, the day after the altercation, Kroger said:


The incident is … not a reflection of our company’s fraud prevention protocol, procedures or training… [The manager] is no longer employed by our company.


Medlock, meanwhile, has been charged with aggravated robbery and is in police custody.

Medlock, the thief, is probably forming a gang–the Kroger Easy Pickin’s Gang–with criminal cronies hitting stores in your neighborhood soon. Price hike pending for honest shoppers.


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