Jodi Arias says Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Nancy Grace are defaming her

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  • Arias, a convicted murderer, says she got the disease from an infected tuberculosis shot
  • She claims Arpaio has refused to treat the Hep C, and was denied medical treatment in February when one of her breast implants began leaking
  • Arias accuses Arpaio of opening up her mail and leaking the conteents to Nancy Grace, who broadcasts it
  • Arias is awaiting a retrial in the sentencing phase, where she will get either life in prison or the death penalty

Convicted murderer Jodi Arias says she contracted hepatitis c in an Arizona jail, and she is claiming that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is not giving her approrpiate medical care to deal with the disease.

Arias made the startling disclosure in an April 4 request for a restraining order against Arpaio. The request also names Headline News personality Nancy Grace as a a defendant, as Arias claims they are both defaming her character.

‘Arias was also pricked with an infected T.B. shot, which caused Arias to get Hep-C, and now she is not receiving treatment,’ the request, first reported by TMZ, states.

The document also says that Arias was denied medical treatment on February 14, when a silicon breast implant in her left breast began leaking and she was refused medical treatment. Arias claims that the lack of care led to fungal growth on her breast and a rash.

She also takes Arpaio to task as she claims he installed video cameras in her cell, invading her privacy, while she uses the toilet. In addition, Arpaio ‘forces’ her to say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning, and if she doesn’t, she goes without meals, shower or recreation.

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