Islamic Extremists in Nigeria Slaughter 200 Christians

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The Islamist terrorist organization Boko Haram has struck again. We first introduced you to Boko Haram back in October when they slaughtered 40 young men at a Nigerian college in an attack that took place in the middle of the night. Boko Haram’s evil misdeeds have become common news as Islamic militants become more and more aggressive on the world stage.

Boko Haram’s main goal in Nigeria (besides death, destruction, murder and plunder) is to establish an Islamic theocratic state in northern Nigeria.

They’ve recently intensified their attacks on innocent civilians because the Nigerian military has been beating them on the battlefield.

It’s believed that they have focused on schools because they think the schools are where Western-style education and culture is being cultivated.

Over the weekend the monstrous villains of Boko Haram attacked local civilian populations and slaughtered more than 200 students on their way to take state sponsored exams.

The students, according to sources, lost their lives as the sect embarked on multiple attacks that affected no fewer than four communities in the state.

boko-haram-victimsSources disclosed that the insurgents laid in ambush for the students, who were in eight vehicles and who were on their way to Biu from Maiduguri, to write the exams. It could not be ascertained if all the students in the eight vehicles were killed during the attacks.

Reacting to the incident, the Senator representing Borno Central, Zannah Ahmed, told journalists on Friday that at least 210 people have been killed so far in the attacks that lasted between Thursday night and Friday morning.

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