Huffington Post and the War on Women (on Video)

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Chahal3Speaking of the War on Women – how can you tell that it’s a major Obama donor who brutally beats and kicks his girlfriend to a pulp (on video), then magically receives just 25 days of community service – even after multiple death threats and trying to smother her out with a pillow?

Easy: Read about it in the Huffington Post.

If the tough and independent journalists over at HuffPo don’t mention the rich socio-path’s Party affiliation or that he gives money exclusively to a recently-elected President – guess what?

He’s a Democrat donor! Is that important? .. You can bet if it were Republican money it would be.

Guess it’s time to Google and discover that the degenerate in question, Gurbaksh Chahal, donated more than $100,000 since 2011 – all of which went to the Democratic Party and Democratic candidates. Not a word about that in the Huffington Post report, but I’m sure if that cash went to Mitt Romney it would be no big deal either, right? Yeah.

Also not in the HuffPo’s hard-hitting story on the ongoing War on Women is that Chahal the scumbag visited the White House twice, a tidbit mentioned in every other report I’ve read on the matter. Somehow, Arianna’s pride and ATM missed including any photos like these as well:

Before video-taped beating.

That there with his BFF is Gurbaksh Chahal, CEO of RadiumOne, one of ExtraTV’s “most eligible bachelors,” star of a 30-minute taped beating of his girlfriend in police possession and … big-time Democrat donor.

Here’s a few other items missing from the Huffington Post story on Chahal, who just happens to be a Democrat donor (not that that matters… I don’t know why I keep mentioning it, sorry):

Chahal-and-OprahGurbaksh was on Oprah and they discussed what a great guy he is. Is that embarrassing or what? Isn’t Oprah a big Obama supporter and pretty much against the War on Women?


Ya think if this POS was connected to the Koch brothers and had been interviewed by a gushing Bill O’Reilly- HuffPo might mention it?

RadiumOne’s board of directors includes Steve Westly, also a major Obama donor. Stevie sat on an advisory board directing the disbursement of Obama Stimulus money and four companies he just happened to invest in received Obama Stimulus money. Huh. Not mentioned in HuffPo story? Huh… oh yeah, Democrats. Obama. Stimulus. Never mind.

In other Democrat donor news:

Chahal hired James Lassart, the same lawyer who is representing California Democrat Leland Yee – yeah – the one running guns to Muslim terrorists while proposing gun control.

After video-taped beating.

After posting $1 million bail, they managed to get the victim to not testify and get the confiscated video tape of the beating thrown out of court (Lassart says prosecutors were blowing an argument between Chahal and his girlfriend out of proportion). This really kills me:

This slimeball sets up multiple cameras in his bedroom, and one night flies into a jealous rage – kicking his girlfriend 117 times. The Huffington Post describes the Democrat Donor’s sex tapes as; “Home security footage”…

No jail time. Three years’ probation, 52 weeks in a domestic violence training program, 25 hours of community service, and he gets to keep his job as CEO of San Francisco tech startup RadiumOne. All this just in time for RadiumOne’s upcoming IPO!

And no mention of the political connections? No media bias here – move along, folks..

A rich conservative CEO contributes $1,000 six years ago to a cause Barack Obama agrees with at the time and has to step down. A rich Democrat CEO contributor unmercifully beats and threatens to murder his girlfriend and just gets richer. A psychopath gets away with what I doubt is his first foray into violence against women. Or his last.

It’s our world: Huffington Post just reports on it.


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