Hello Democrats! I have more “lady parts” than you think.

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By Vanessa Penick

A few years ago, Sandra Fluke urged women in America to vote with our lady parts. At the 2012 Democrat Convention, actress Kerry Washington made it sound as if Republicans were elected, the Civil Rights Act would be repealed (even though a Republican controlled Congress passed it), women’s suffrage would be repealed (even though Republican controlled state legislatures passed it), and slavery would be re-enacted (even though the Republican Party was FOUNDED to abolish slavery.) Ms. Washington, too, encouraged women to vote with our lady parts.

Well, the Democrat Party must not think that women have any other lady parts besides the obvious ones. So here’s a list of my other various lady parts and what those parts care about.

ladysmarts-notparts1My brain– Surprise! I have one! My brain is concerned about the way the Democrat Party treats women, because Democrats act like we DON’T have brains. Telling us that we have to let them vote for a massive healthcare bill – before knowing what is in it – is a tremendous insult to intelligence, not just to females but to everyone. Obamacare isn’t like an impulse purchase at the grocery store. It’s not a new candy bar that we haven’t tried, doesn’t cost much, or that we can get rid of easily if we don’t like. It affects one-sixth of our economy, not to mention people’s lives.

Turning over our healthcare system to the government does one other thing: it makes us less free.  However, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden have told us that having Obamacare – and having our hours at work cut – will free us up to “pursue our interests and dreams.” That is the DUMBEST, most intelligence-insulting thing I have EVER heard! Why? Because if my hours get cut at work, my bills at home DON’T. I have to find another job to make up for the hours I lost. This means I have to coordinate my hours between my TWO jobs, run between the two jobs, learn the procedures and policies of two jobs, plus manage my family, keep a house clean and sleep. WHEN DO I HAVE TIME TO PERSUE MY DREAMS?  How about you just freaking repeal Obamacare, enact SMART policies like tort reform and pre-existing conditions reform, and let American women – AND men – think about their family’s own health care insurance? My brain is plenty worried with how ridiculous and stupid this Administration seems to think women specifically and Americans in general are and Obamacare is a perfect example of this.

My eyes– My eyes are watching as America’s freedoms are being eroded. If I want to fly, I must be groped like I’m a whore in a brothel. Yet the Muslim woman in front of me can be in full Muslim garb and no one will touch her because of her religious beliefs. So to me, the boarding procedures for women are a violation of the First and Fourth Amendments. I’m subjected to a search based on nothing more than I bought a ticket – although if the TSA were allowed to profile me, they’d see I’m not a terrorist threat but that I am a threat to terrorists. The fact that a Muslim woman is not subjected to the same search I am because of her religious beliefs, despite the fact that my religious beliefs say I can’t be groped either, is a violation of the First Amendment because it is preferential treatment of a religion.  I’m also watching as my fellow Americans are being nailed by the NSA and the IRS for speaking out against the Obama Administration. In what can be described as nothing less than a fiat, I see our President signing anything he wants into law because Congress won’t pass the bills he wants. That is a CLEAR violation of our Constitution’s separation of powers. My eyes are plenty concerned with the freedoms our country has been losing.

My ears– My ears are concerned with what they hear coming from overseas. Vladimir Putin is set on resurrecting the Soviet Union, and Obama doesn’t seem really interested in stopping him.  Why should he?  He’s trying to set up the United Socialist States of America. No one is being held accountable for the 7 hour stripping, raping, torturing, burning, beating and killing of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the murder of three other Americans in Bengazi. Iran seems to be able to do whatever it wants without fear. Our President almost had our troops go to Syria to help al-Qaeda. You remember them? They caused 9/11.  Our allies like Israel, Germany, Poland, and England don’t trust us any further than they could throw us. Believe me, there are many things that my ears hear that concerns them.

My smile– I notice that I don’t smile as much as I used to in the 1980’s and neither do a lot of other people. The reason we did smile more back then is that more people had jobs and in turn had more money. This made us happier so we smiled more. As a country, we believed our best days were ahead of us, not that we were surviving the death throes of our country. We also had more freedoms and, although we didn’t live in a utopia, because the world in the 1980’s was far from idyllic, we were having more fun. After all, Cyndi Lauper wrote a song about how much fun all of us girls were having. Now our money is being taken away, our freedoms are being eroded, America’s enemies are being emboldened, our allies don’t trust us and our leaders act as if they would rather manage the decline of America than try to make our country better for as many people as possible. It’s hard to smile and have fun under such conditions. My smile is plenty worried that it doesn’t get to happen as much as it did.

My lungs– My lungs are concerned that I haven’t taken a sigh of relief in relation to our government for quite a while. In the poem “The New Colossus” by Emma Lazarus, it says in part, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”  What does that mean? It means that you don’t live in fear of being on the wrong side of your government so long as you are a law-abiding citizen. Or that you don’t live in fear of the next whim that a king, queen, dictator, emperor, empress, or a certain President who rules by fiat will do. Think about it: when was the last time you took a deep sigh of relief in relation to our government?  I thought so. My lungs probably said the same thing you did.

My heart– Another surprise! Yes, Democrats, I have a heart as well as a brain. What is my heart concerned about? Those who are less fortunate. Yes, Democrats, I have a heart for the less fortunate.  I have concerns about a black community that you keep trying to keep down. The plantation owners of the South used to tell their slaves that if they ran away, the Northerners would beat them and eat their babies. Old tricks never die, huh? Except now Democrats tell the black community that Republicans want to take away their right to vote (which is NOT true, I refer you to paragraph one of the article). Liberal Democrats tell the black community that we are racists and hate them, yet it’s Democrats that make a big deal about race.  It was MSNBC analyst Melissa Harris-Perry that made a big deal about the Romney family adopting a black child. It was the NAACP that called black South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott “a ventriloquist’s dummy” for the Republican Party. The Democrat Party’s relationship with the black community is not very different from those old plantation owners that would whip their slaves then tell them that they would get better treatment in the South than the North. My heart is concerned that this has been going on for generations; so much so that the Democrats KNOW they have the black community clearly under their thumb and have a new target in mind: the Hispanic community.

Another group that I have a heart for are the poor. I happen to be that right now – because yes, Democrats, there are such things as poor, white Republicans. The policies the Democrats enact encourage people to stay on welfare rather than get off it, such as giving more money to mothers on welfare that have more children. At the same time they make policies which make staying off welfare nearly impossible. Raise minimum wage in the name of “fairness”, then those that earn minimum wage will be the first fired.  Where will they go when they can’t find a job? Why, on welfare of course! Democrats claim to be for choice but add “school” instead of “pro” in front of choice and watch what happens. They don’t back giving kids in failing schools the ability to get out of them and into successful schools by giving them school vouchers. I guess the choice is only for abortions, huh? Speaking of abortions…

Vote-With-Your-Lady-SMARTS-Not-Your-Lady-PartsMy gut– My gut tells me that life begins at conception. There are no two ways about it: if you leave a clump of cells to develop, eventually it will become a baby. There are laws to protect an unborn baby from being harmed or murdered. For example, in some states, if someone kills a pregnant woman, the murderer can be charged with two murders. Yet in EVERY state in the union that same woman can go get an abortion and is hailed by the left for exercising her “health care choices”. I don’t think that any woman should be forced to keep a baby that she doesn’t want but there is another remedy that would be better for the woman, and certainly the baby: setting up a system of matching unplanned pregnancies with couples that are childless and desperately want a baby. Why throw away children that other people would give anything to have? Why are we giving millions of dollars to Planned Murders –  I mean Planned Parenthood – when we could use that money to connect people in a much more positive way? EVERY baby is a wanted baby; it just might be wanted by different parents than the ones that conceived them. (A word of disclosure: I am the result of an unplanned pregnancy and was raised by my single mom. I am also a part of a childless couple that can’t conceive. This issue hits me on both sides.) Either way, my gut tells me that life begins at conception.

My hands– My hands are concerned about what might be taken out of them: the ability to defend myself with a firearm. During an attack, the difference between life and death can be seconds. Think about it: if someone breaks down your door and is in your house committing a home invasion, how long will it take you to FIND your phone?  Now how long to DIAL your phone?  Now how long before someone ANSWERS? Guess what? You’re dead, your wife is being raped and will be killed shortly. Now imagine you CAN defend yourself. If you know exactly where your gun is and can load it quickly, YOU CAN STOP THE INTRUSION, BY YOURSELF. For all of you who SUPPORT gun control, let me ask you this: was anyone ever killed BEFORE guns were invented? If you can name an object, someone has been killed with it.  As I write this, it’s April 9th, 2014. Twenty kids were injured in Pennsylvania in a mass STABBING. Plan on taking knives next? People have been killed with someone’s bare hands. Wanna outlaw hands? My hands know not to pull out my gun for anything except the gravest of circumstances. Otherwise, you can have my gun when you pry it from my cold dead, hands. My hands are concerned you’ll try to do it before then, though.

My feet-My feet are concerned that all of the campaign work that I do,  all the get out the vote drives I get involved with, and the petitions I sign might not be enough to get our country back on track. My feet are concerned that maybe they will have to join with others and march on Washington, either in peace or to forcibly remove those that have gotten out of control. It is not something that my feet relish thinking about. But it is a thought that they have grown concerned with, especially since many people are uncertain if Obama will give up the office of Dictator – I mean President – come January 2017.

So see, Democrats, there are many issues that my lady parts and I, as a WHOLE woman care about. But keep your harpies harping about abortion and just one part of me. And I will use my brains, eyes, ears, smile, lungs, gut, hands, and feet to ask WHOLE women and their RANGE of issues to vote for ALL the issues that we care about.


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