We’re Headed Toward a Socialist Wasteland, Rand Paul

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randI’ve watched Rand Paul for a couple years now. He came into office strong with a no-nonsense attitude, swept in by the Tea Party back when that was cool – before we allowed the liberal media to define us as a bunch of racist rednecks.

Recently, at the launch of Brent Bozell’s new “Media Research Center Latino” in Washington, Rand Paul said the following: “Republicans need to work harder to convey their empathy to Hispanic voters…” Well isn’t that just pander-iffic?

final3Can’t you hear the ‘Republican Establishment Singers’ smiling and swaying in the background like members of the Mickey Mouse Club, singing their theme song?

All together now:

E-S-T …
[one_half](yeah okay, not enough letters – so sue me)[/one_half]


So what happened Rand?

The Senator from Kentucky, not unlike two-thirds of the other conservatives sent there to stop the efforts of Socialists turning America into a third-world wasteland through successful frauds such as ObamaCare has settled in and is exploring higher office and glory.

Yes, I said “successful frauds such as ObamaCare.” Next on the menu is Amnesty. Let me explain:

Folks I’m sorry,  but Socialized Medicine born of the ACA or “ObamaCare” as it will always be known, is here to stay. However many millions signed up, paid or not – it’s irrelevant. The law was passed some four-odd years ago and you may not think it’s Constitutional or there may be nude Polaroids of John Roberts somewhere – it doesn’t matter. Game over.

Here’s some irony: ObamaCare passed without a single Republican vote, but is now rocketing them back into power. The GOP can’t lead but they sure can destroy with the right weapon.

Obama is President until 2016 and he’ll veto any repeals. Besides, Republicans want ObamaCare just as badly to run against Democrats and who cares if Americans are suffering, losing doctors, their insurance, and their lives? Entitlements don’t go away and Republicans – even when they’re in full power – don’t reform them. They’re terrified of them.

skin color
Can we finally admit we’ve elected someone based solely on the color of their skin?

By 2016 ObamaCare will be so entrenched, so radically advanced and twisted, funded and fused into the Federal system, States, local government and our lives that it will never, ever go away.

Who cares if people with cancer have lost their coverage and have to move facilities, change doctors and treatments? So what if they literally die  during the wait – directly because of ObamaCare?

Congratulations, John Boehner and company: You have f’ed us in the A.

We, our children and the country’s health will suffer forever, all because you want ObamaCare as an issue to ride back into power. But you’re exempt from ObamaCare because some pigs are more equal than others. I know that’s not an exact quote, but mine fits you much better.

Hard to get my arm around this.

Meanwhile, establishment Republicans have vowed to destroy conservatives, their candidates and the very Tea Party which swept them back into the House majority in 2010.

So avaricious and coveting of money and power these politicians are – they’re in business with PACS funded by left-wingers, labor unions and George Soros connections dedicated to destroying conservative and Tea Party candidates.

I hate these Republicans. You are evil and going to hell for this. But I digress..

It’s all a distraction for the impending Amnesty, sold as “immigration reform legislation” backed by Democrats, the media, Obama, Big Business, the Chamber of Commerce, Fox News, unions, Jeb Bush, Karl Rove, Chris Christie, Sheldon Adelson and now Rand Paul and perhaps other conservatives soon, I fear.

In 2014, all the campaign talk for Republicans will be how terrible ObamaCare is, how we need to win back a majority in the Senate and increase our numbers in the House so we can repeal the ACA, but it’s Bull – a smoke-screen to attain power and money. Again, the President will veto any repeal of his signature legislation.

“I got your deportation right here”

Besides, the Republicans need it to run on for 2016. The fight to rid you of ObamaCare is lost and when a President will not enforce immigration law, we must stop any immigration reform legislation – which is Amnesty – pure and simple..

This brings me to something else Rand Paul said at the MRC Latino launch: “We (Republicans) have to show we’re for something and not just be the Party of deportation..”

Wrong again, burrito breath.

America has laws – but we have a President who does not enforce laws he does not like. Under the Obama Administration, not only are illegal immigrants essentially exempt from deportation (once they get past border security), but in 2013, amazingly, ICE caught and released 68,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records!

That’s why we should be the Party of deportation, Senator Paul!

When this Administration refuses to even try to deport illegal aliens who have been arrested, who go on to commit heinous crimes, including murder and rape..

That’s why we should be the Party of deportation, Senator Paul!

When States pass legislation to give college grant money to illegals, over citizens..

That’s why we should be the Party of deportation, Senator Paul!

As California goes, so goes the nation, Senator Paul and California now issues driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

How far away is that motor-voter right? If you have a driver’s license – can’t you vote? Don’t tell me it’s illegal for an illegal alien to vote, therefore they can’t vote. They’re in the country illegally right now and you’re telling me they can’t be deported – so why can’t they vote now?

And who are they going to vote for, Rand? Maybe we just need to “Work harder to convey our empathy to Hispanic voters…” – but in the meantime, Democrats are giving them amnesty, free money, driver’s licenses, education, healthcare and the right to vote?

And who are they going to vote for again? Are you insane friendo?

That’s why we should be the Party of deportation, Senator Paul!

Obama and the Democrats are selling America down the river and the Republicans are paddling the boat!  Only a few years ago, sweeping legislation that would have given illegal aliens with a “path to citizenship” nearly made it through a Republican majority Congress.

We also had a Republican president who was one of amnesty’s biggest supporters, but true grass-roots conservatives stopped it.

Here she comes again. America is for law abiding citizens, but just like ObamaCare is here – so may be the impending Socialist Wasteland, Rand.

(hey – it rhymes!)

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