The GOP War Rages On

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Just a few updates on the ongoing GOP war…

We have mentioned the Main Street Republican Project in the past. In 2008 talked about the mission of the MSRP:

These guys, by their own words, written on their own web site, were so overcome by a “great concern that a dramatic shift to the right was quickly approaching, given the new congressional leadership” that they formed an organization of RINOS to undercut and subvert everything that had been done by grass roots activists, (what the preamble to the Constitution calls “We The People”), to return this government to sanity!

You got it…we returned the Congress to Republican Rule for the first time in 40 years, and they couldn’t stand it! How dare we stand up for anything and how dare we steal the Congress from its rightful owners in the Democrat Party?

To add insult to injury, they want to “bring in people who are distressed by the stridency too-often associated with the Party, and to others attracted by a thoughtful, centrist approach to Republican politics. The Partnership demonstrates inclusion, respect, reason and compassion”?


One member of the MSRP, Rep. Steven LaTourette, from Ohio retired from the House in 2012 and is now the president of the Republican Main Street Partnership.  In a recent chat with The Daily Caller, La Tourette said:

“They have decided to systemically go against center-right Republicans in primary elections,” LaTourette previously told The Daily Caller, referring to his tea party rivals. LaTourette said that tea partiers are happy to call him a “RINO” but that that they go “apoplectic” when the “RINO gets a gun” and “fires back.”

“Here’s the deal: we didn’t start this fight,” LaTourette said, “but I’m going to finish it.”

GOP war
Jake Rush – Republican candidate for FL-03 reportedly backed by the Chamber of Commerce.

This weekend, the Republican Main Street Partnership PAC will be holding a $5000 per head event at the Ritz Carlton on Amelia Island in Nassau County, Florida. Speaker Boehner wanted to attend, but has reportedly backed out due to a scheduling conflict. You can find a list of sitting elected members of the MSRP here. LaTourette’s separate anti-Tea Party PAC, called Defending Main Street has received most of its funding from labor unions.  Isn’t that nice…

In other news, Redstate is reporting that the Chamber of Commerce candidate in FL-03 has some serious issues in an article titled: Satan, Witchcraft, Role Play, and Challengers. The Chamber is committed to taking out tea-party candidates and is reportedly upset with the incumbent Rep. Ted Yoho for voting against Boehner for speaker. The Chamber has repeatedly attacked the tea-party for supporting candidates like Todd Akin and Christine O’Donnell… Well if the Chamber was behind this guy… We would like to commend them for the GREAT job vetting this guy. In their candidates own words…

“At first I thought you were just stupid and I wanted to stick my d**k in you mouth to shut you up while I snorted a line off my new machete”

So what is the plan, does the Republican establishment really want the Tea Party gone? That would make no sense to get rid of a lot of their voters and would be the death of the already struggling Party. Unless… they have a plan to gain a bunch of others. I suspect they do… We received an off the record tip last week. According the source, an individual close to the Chairman of the Republican Party, Reince Priebus, told our source,

Tea Party and Evangelical types, you’re just a bunch of bitter clingers we Republicans need to get rid of.

They went on to make it clear that there is:

No place for us, our culture, our guns, our faith, our morals, AND CERTAINLY NO PLACE FOR US IN POLITICS in the future they have planned. We are to be replaced by harder working more submissive Hispanics and Asians.

If our source is correct and we have no reason to doubt them, pieces of the puzzle start coming together. The establishment intends to get rid of the conservative wing of the Republican party and replace it. It is clear is that the establishment wants to move forward with immigration reform but can’t do it for fear of losing the midterms. We will be hearing about how Reagan did it, and how Bush tried and failed. I think all we have to do is take a look at where the Chamber of Commerce and the Main Street Republican Project stand and then you will find where the Republican establishment would like to go.

The primaries are important, please pay attention and support anti-establishment, anti-amnesty, and anti-leadership candidates.


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