The GOP Establishment IS at War with the Tea Partiers

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The following is the statement of Chairman of, Richard Viguerie.

Republican Congressional leaders, less than three hundred miles from Fort Sumter where the Confederates fired on the federal government and launched a horrific four-year American Civil War, are meeting to declare a civil war against conservatives who are the base of the Republican Party.

Since the purpose of the weekend meeting at the Ritz Carlton on Amelia Island in Florida is to raise money and strategizing as to how to defeat limited-government constitutional conservatives in Republican primaries, this meeting is an act of war by Eric Cantor and the Republican Congressional leadership.

By fighting conservatives, Republican congressional leaders are publicly acknowledging they do not share the core values of conservatives and Tea Partyers, including limited-government, fidelity to the constitution, lower taxes, balanced budget, significantly reducing the size, scope and reach of the federal government.

The Republican primary voters will now be able to clearly see who are the principled conservatives verses those candidates receiving support from the Ruling Class, Crony Capitalists such as Karl Rove, John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Mitch McConnell.

Grass roots conservatives wish Republican leaders could get as angry at the lawlessness of the Obama Administration and Congressional Democrats as they do at conservatives.

This meeting is proof positive that the Republican Establishment thinks the Tea Party is alive, strong, and a major threat to their existence.

Some might think Mr. Viguerie is being a bit dramatic, but put it in the context of so many other instances when vitriol has been spewed by Republican leaders towards tea partiers, and it is spot on. They are more angry with us than they are with the Obama administration and Congressional Democrats, and we ought to acknowledge instead of deny it.

For one thing they are incensed that as incumbents they even have a primary challenger. Their view is that only open seats should be contested. They don’t want to narrowly win a primary. They want to destroy the opposition. Tea partier candidates are wanting a debate that is political instead of personal, but instead they are going to face personal attacks from the establishment.

Below are ten contests between incumbents who are also members of the Republican Main Street Partnership (RMSP) and tea party conservative challengers. A few of these RMSP incumbents had won under the tea party banner, and then they joined the RMSP and abandoned those who elected them. The rest are incumbents who have served several terms, become the darlings of the establishment, and are much more familiar with lobbyist cocktail parties than meetings back in their district. The Madison Project Hall of Shame website is the source for notes on many of the incumbents.


incumbent RMSP Rep. Jaime Herrera-Beutler    vs    conservative challenger Michael Delavar

Jaime Herrera-Beutler is ranked 221st (220 members are more conservative than her) by the Club for Growth.  Her lifetime score from Club for Growth is 53% and it’s 51% from Heritage. She ran on the Tea Party banner in 2010, and in office she abandoned them and joined Republican Main Street Partnership.

Michael Delavar states why he is running.

Our liberty is taken away with increased debt piled upon debt. I am tired of Congressional representatives, like Herrera Beutler, playing political theater with the budget. There are solutions to the budget dilemmas, but kicking the can down the road only increases the size of the correction.

I am running because I am concerned about the rapid erosion of our natural rights by Congress. In fact, the incumbent, Jaime Herrera Beutler voted to give the President the power to lock up a person indefinitely based on the President’s say so alone. Since the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215, we have had the right to habeas corpus, but Herrera Beutler voted to take that right away (with the vote for the NDAA 2012). This is inexcusable. The job of Congress is to defend our natural rights, not whittle them away with the growth of government.

HannaNYClaudia Tenney

incumbent RSMP Rep. Richard Hanna           vs          conservative challenger Claudia Tenney

Richard Hanna is ranked 216th by the Club for Growth. His lifetime score from Club for Growth is 47% and 44% from Heritage.

Claudia Tenney is serving her second term in the state Assembly and represents the 101st District, which includes Oneida and Herkimer counties. Prior to 2012, Tenney represented the 115th District, which covered Oneida and Oswego counties. She has been rated the top “Conservative” and “Most Independent Member” in the Legislature and has an A+ rating from the National Rifle Association and the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association.

She has faulted Hanna in recent weeks for “voting twice to increase the debt ceiling while not asking for concessions,” joining a gay rights congressional caucus and being “very, very pro-choice.” Tenney opposes abortion rights.

She states why she is running.

He stood up without a record in front of the Tea Party and proclaimed Tea Party principles.

I was also supported by the Tea Party, and I have lived up to at least the core principles of the Tea Party, which I think are most important, and that is less government and lower taxes,” she added. “Those are two primary functions of the Tea Party.

We need a real Republican in this race. Someone who will actually stand up for our Republican principles of less government spending, lower taxes and greater opportunity for all. In the state Assembly, I have a proven record as strong fiscal conservative. In Washington, I will continue fighting for lower taxes and to preserve our constitutional freedoms. Taxpayers need a voice that will stand-up for them.

Voters deserve better and it is clear that Richard Hanna is not providing the common sense, Republican leadership we need in Congress. Richard Hanna has voted to fund Obamacare, voted to raise taxes on middle class families and voted to increase spending that added trillions to our national debt. Washington may deserve Richard Hanna, but our communities deserve real Republican leadership in Congress.



incumbent RMSP Rep. David Joyce                vs                  conservative challenger Matt Lynch

David Joyce is ranked 215th by the Club for Growth. His lifetime score from Club for Growth is 47% and 50% from Heritage.

Congressman Joyce is a member of the big-government Republican Main Street Partnership, which is led by Steve LaTourette. Joyce was one of the first six candidates endorsed by Main Street Advocacy, the group’s political action committee.

A longtime friend of LaTourette, Joyce was selected by local GOP leadership as the Republican nominee for the 14th District seat after LaTourette announced his resignation in July 2012.

Upon leaving Congress, Steve LaTourette started a lobbying firm with his wife Jennifer, a lobbyist who worked as his chief of staff before LaTourette divorced his first wife. LaTourette now divides his time between attacking conservatives and lobbying.

Matt Lynch states why he is running.

We have the feet on the street of all the liberty groups in Northeast Ohio. This is a very serious candidacy for me; this is not a lark or a response to anything other than my desire to promote conservative politics and policies in this country.

The Republican Party leadership has to stand for something.

And if it doesn’t stand for anything but getting more Republicans elected, then they’re no better than the Democrats.



incumbent RMSP Rep. Mike Simpson                vs             conservative challenger Bryan Smith

Mike Simpson is ranked 213th by the Club for Growth. His lifetime score from Club for Growth is 57% and 48% from Heritage.

After 15 years in Congress Mike Simpson is a darling of the establishment, and people like Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney are endorsing him.

He’s running this year against his own record. The folks in DC who know his voting record, the Club For Growth PAC, REALLY don’t like what they see in Mike Simpson.

They see a free-spending liberal…. someone who’s now more familiar with lobbyist cocktail parties than fellowship meetings in his own LDS ward.

And they’re letting his highly conservative Idaho district know about it.

This 15-year incumbent truly embodies our political problems in the House. He represents one of the most conservative states, yet he uses his position as one of the 12 appropriations “Cardinals” to block any effort to cut spending. Simpson is an ardent supporter of earmarks. He is also a big supporter of government-run healthcare, and refuses to cut even small programs like the National Endowment of the Arts and the National Endowment of the Humanities. He is a big purveyor of farm welfare, thereby entrapping residents of his red state into government dependency. He voted for every bailout under the sun. Simpson was one of only 16 Republicans to vote for the Simpson-Bowles tax increases. He is also one of the few solid red state Republicans who is squishy on gun issues.

Club for Growth notes the following Pro-Growth Highlights about Bryan Smith:

Fought property tax increase in Idaho Falls

Exposed illegal arrangement between city attorney and Idaho Falls that cost taxpayers thousands of dollars

Criticized Supreme Court Justices on ObamaCare ruling

FrelinghuysenNJRick Van Glahn


incumbent RMSP Rep. Rodney Frehlinghuysen  vs  conservative challenger Rick Van Glahn

Rodney Frehlinghuysen is ranked 193rd by the Club for Growth. His lifetime score from Club for Growth is 57% and 46% from Heritage.

Despite representing a more conservative part of New Jersey, Frelinghuysen is among the worst offenders of this dismal delegation. He has amassed a 16-year record as a nanny statist, pro-abortion, environmental extremist Republican. He is a member of all the RINO clubs; Republican Main Street Partnership, the Republican Majority For Choice, Republicans for Choice and Republicans For Environmental Protection. He was rewarded for this behavior with an appropriations subcommittee chairmanship, making him one of the 12 “cardinals” in charge of the purse strings. Frelinghuysen is unabashed earmarxist.

Congressman Frelinghuysen was one of 9 Republicans to oppose a common sense bill that would expediate the process for issuing permits for oil drilling.

A self-employed home improvement contractor has announced that he is challenging incumbent U.S. Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen for his seat in Congress.

Rick Van Glahn, who will run in a Republican primary against Frelinghuysen, said he wants to end the 20 year incumbency of Frelinghuysen and will do it with a small campaign budget and the help of spirited volunteers.

He made a statement announcing his candidacy and why he is running.

The ever increasing debt, the healthcare debacle and little job creation, over the last five years, is due to the current Congress’s unwillingness to fight for the taxpayers.

What we have today is a government full of ruling class, career politicians, who are more concerned with their re-election than in serving voters.


incumbent RMSP Rep. Greg Walden          vs         conservative challenger Dennis Linthicum

Greg Walden is ranked 185th by the Club for Growth. His lifetime score is 61% from Club for Growth and 55% from Heritage.

This 13-year incumbent represents the conservative eastern part of Oregon and is the only Republican from the state. Walden is one of the top members in leadership and is being groomed for a higher position. But his record is even worse than that of the average leadership member. Walden is a member of the RINO Republican Main Street Partnership, and votes along with those members, even though he hails from a conservative district. In 2011, he voted against every bill to cut spending, except for one that cut missile defense! He is a also a pro Big Labor Republican.

In past year, Walden has voted for embryonic stem-cell research. He’s also voted for hate crime and anti-discrimination legislation. Walden is a supporter of green energy subsidies.

Dennis Linthicum, Walden’s first challenger in a primary since 2006, said that if elected, he would vote on principle, not on party allegiance. A self-described “constitutional conservative,” Linthicum believes the federal government has grown beyond the role established for it by the Constitution. As a member of Congress, Linthicum pledged he would spearhead a movement to push the federal government to cede control of public lands back to the state.

The Endangered Species Act, the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act are all examples of federal overreach. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, those issues are best decided on a local level.

I think 50 unique experiments in environmental policy, air policy, water policy would be fabulous because we would each find that sweet spot that would meet the needs of our communities.

Our economy is struggling here in Eastern Oregon, the federal government is exercising more and more authority over our daily lives, and it’s getting harder and harder to be an entrepreneur or start a business or make a living, and that’s part of the reason why I want to jump from my county commissioner seat.

It’s really a mistake to think you shouldn’t be guided by principles, and I think we have to stand on these principles for the economic prosperity of America.

Frank-LoBiondoMike Assaad

incumbent RMSP Rep. Frank LoBiondo           vs            conservative challenger Mike Assad

Frank LoBiondo is ranked 182nd by the Club for Growth. His lifetime score is 43% from Club for Growth and 44% from Heritage.

Frank Lobiondo earns the distinction of scoring the lowest of any member in the conference (37%). Although he represents a swing district, his score is so dismal that he ranks among those dramatic underperformers. In 2011, LoBiondo was among the most pro-spending, pro-union, anti-drilling, anti-free trade Republicans in Washington. He is a member of the Republican Main Street Partnership and was one of the 8 Republicans to vote for Cap and Trade in 2010. From cash for clunkers to the incandescent light bulb ban, he’s been a disaster during his 17-year tenure. Congressman Lobiondo also was one of 9 Republicans to oppose a common sense bill that would expediate the process for issuing permits for oil drilling.

Mike Assad was a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in New Jersey’s second district in the June 2012 Republican primary election. Although he didn’t win, Mike received the highest percentage of votes of non-incumbent Republican in the second district since 1994. He states why he is running.

South Jersey deserves a congressman who knows that our national debt is sinking the aspiring American dream.

South Jersey deserves a congressman who will legislate to empower working men and women.

South Jersey deserves a congressman who knows our system of taxation is failing not just us but the entire country.

South Jersey deserves a congressman who believes in us and not just their own congressional career.

South Jersey deserves a congressman who knows we have to be able to provide for ourselves and not be permanently dependent on government handouts.

LanceNJDavid Larsen

incumbent RMSP Rep. Leonard Lance              vs          conservative challenger David Larsen

Leonard Lance is ranked 166th by the Club for Growth. His lifetime score is 69% from Club for Growth and 55% from Heritage.

This two-term incumbent is among the most liberal members of the Republican conference. He is a major figure in the RINO Republican Main Street Partnership. Lance is avidly pro-abortion and was one of only 8 Republicans to vote for Cap and Trade in 2009. He is one of the most supportive Republicans of climate fascism and was one of the few members to vote against offshore drilling. He has never seen a bloated budget he didn’t like or a spending cut that he could support. He voted against every major effort to rein in big labor. The most egregious thing is that he sits on the Energy and Commerce Committee. Lance’s district has become more Republican, yet he has refused to move rightward.

Congressman Lance was one of 9 Republicans to oppose a common sense bill that would expediate the process for issuing permits for oil drilling.

David Larsen believes that three times is the charm as he gears up to take on U.S. Rep Leonard Lance (R – 7) for the third consecutive Republican primary.

This is God’s country out here, and I don’t see Representative Lance as a leader. I am with the likes of Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. I’m the true conservative in this race.

Mr. Lance is for the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, and I’m 100 percent against it. He’s willing to consider a number of other gun-control measures as well this year, and I am a firm supporter of the Second Amendment.

BrooksINDavid Stockdale

incumbent RMSP Rep. Susan Brooks         vs          conservative challenger David Stockdale

Susan Brooks is ranked 151st by the Club for Growth. Her lifetime score is 63% from Club for Growth and 57% from Heritage. She ran on the Tea Party banner in 2012, and in office she abandoned them and joined Republican Main Street Partnership.

Brooks praises the so-called Gang of Eight immigration reform plan in the Senate. She is also a big proponent of limiting private gun sales.

David Stockdale said he decided to run for Congress because young folks like him, tea party folks and libertarian-leaning Republicans have become frustrated with the old guard in the party.

Folks like myself are sick of the way the old establishment has been running the party.

Stockdale said he would represent the constitution and his constituents – not just the party. He said the country is at a turning point because many people see no difference between Republicans and Democrats, and that he could draw a stark contrast between himself and Rep. Brooks.

He said that Brooks votes with Republican party leadership 97 percent of the time and that she accepts campaign dollars from the political action committee of Speaker of the House John Boehner, R-Ohio.

It’s time that we have representation in the 5th District that represents the people. It’s not party first, it’s constitution first.

There is a battle between those of us who believe the Bill of Rights is not a suggestion and the leaders of the party who believe they can do as they like.

Fred-UptonJim Bussler

incumbent RMSP Rep. Fred Upton             vs             conservative challenger Jim Bussler

Fred Upton is ranked 146th by the Club for Growth. His lifetime score is 56% from Club for Growth and 53% from Heritage.

This 27-year veteran is the most liberal member of the delegation. Unfortunately, he is also one of the most powerful members of the conference, serving as Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, the panel with jurisdiction over much of our domestic policy. Over the years, he has supported green energy venture-socialism, bailouts, stimulus, McCain-Feingold, handouts to labor, expansion of government-run healthcare, price and wage controls, tax increases, funding for abortions, funding for the UN, and bloated spending bills. Upton is a social, fiscal, and national security liberal. He is best known as the lead Republican crafter of the ban on incandescent light bulbs. Upton has been promoting green energy and climate fascism until he perceived himself to be a target of conservatives.

Congressional candidate Jim Bussler, 45, who will challenge Congressman Fred Upton in the Republican primary this summer, said he decided to run because he’s concerned about the erosion of personal liberty in the U.S.

Bussler said he would work for a smaller government that did not spend more than it takes in, arguing that the current system puts a financial burden on people who are not even born yet.

Don’t borrow into infinity. What we’ve been doing the last 50 years isn’t working.

Bussler also said he would shut down the Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, saying they were more concerned about corporate profits than protecting the U.S. food supply.

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