Freedom from Firefox

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Dennis Prager has a great article at National Review on the Firefox flap and it’s worth a read at the link.

If you’re not familiar with Dennis, please get familiar with him. He’s a consistent voice of reason for the right and in this article he hits the bull’s eye again.

His fundamental point is that conservatives don’t do boycotts. We separate politics and product performance. In the case of Bernard Eich and Mozilla we need to make an exception. Here’s Dennis.

As Princeton professor Robert George warned on my radio show, today the Left fires employees for opposition to same-sex marriage. Tomorrow it will fire employees who are pro-life (“anti-woman”). Then it will be employees who support Israel (an “apartheid state”).

The reason to boycott Firefox is not that it is run by leftists. Nor is the reason to support the man-woman definition of marriage. It is solely in order to preserve liberty in the land of liberty.

If Mozilla doesn’t recant and rehire Eich as CEO, McCarthyism will have returned far more pervasively and perniciously than in its first incarnation. The message the gay Left (such as the Orwellian-named Human Rights Campaign) and the Left in general wish to send is that Americans who are in positions of power at any company should be forced to resign if they hold a position that the Left strongly opposes.

I’ll leave the argument to Dennis, he’s better than we are at the argument. The point of this post is much more simple. Replacing Firefox.

We are a very long time Firefox user. We absolutely detest Internet Explorer. Hate it. Passionately. Not real fond of Chrome either, it just doesn’t have the functionality of Firefox, it’s clumsy for the old Curmudgeon with fat western fingers to use. Hate Safari almost as much as IE probably because I have no use for Apple anything, they make toys not computers. The other stuff, like Opera, doesn’t have any functionality at all. We use Opera on our phone because it’s faster than anything else, takes up no memory and we’re not looking for functionality on the phone, we’re just reading stuff.

Which brings us to Pale Moon. Thanks to Dennis for the recommendation, we’d never heard of it.

It basically runs on the Firefox platform and we installed it, found the tool to import our Firefox settings to Pale Moon and bingo!!!! it’s seamless. All of our extensions work just as they did with Firefox, it looks the same and it’s a tad faster.

Firefox is now officially history on Curmudgeon computers. We are running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, it doesn’t work on toys that run Safari.

If you want to try it (you’ll like it) the link to download is HERE. The tool to merge your Firefox settings is HERE.


Have fun browsing, enjoy being Firefox free.


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