Firefox is Feeling the Pain

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The above chart is from the Firefox input page… The red line indicates the people that are “Sad” and the green represents the “Happy” people. It seems that about 91% of the comments coming are “Sad.” Below I have listed just a few of the comments:

You folded like a cheap suit. I can only assume you agree with those who caused your CEO to resign and I have no longer have any use for you or your browser.


I am sickened by your organization pushing out a man integral to its foundation on the basis of his PERSONAL beliefs and not his business acumen or competency. I will NEVER use Firefox again. You have been deleted.


Due to Eich’s forced resignation, I have removed all Firefox browsers from every one of my devices. We live in a country founded on everyone’s explicit right of personal belief and choice. It is not exclusive to a small group of individuals.

This is just three of the many thousands of complaints they are getting.

If you are unfamiliar with what has happened, you may want to get up to speed by reading this article by Andrew Sullivan.

If you use Firefox, you should let them know what you think of their decision. If you are unwilling to take our word for it, maybe Charles Krauthammer can convince you?

Will this be another Duck Dynasty style screw up by the left? It will be if people like you are willing to stand up and push back!


So… Go tell Firefox what you think, and check out some of the other web browsers out there.

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