Feds back down in Nevada. Is it a win?

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You’ve probably been following the standoff between the Bureau of Land Management and a Nevada rancher, Clive Bundy. The BLM backed down from a confrontation with about 1,000 Bundy supporters yesterday and their retreat is being heralded as a victory over “the government.”

We wouldn’t bet our lunch money on that.

As a bit of history, Bundy’s family has been ranching in Nevada for way over 100 years. They’re cattlemen. They’ve been grazing their herds on the same lands since day one. Their grazing lands happen to be owned by the federal government and are managed by the BLM.

Bundy had been leasing grazing rights from the BLM until 1993 when a dispute arose and he stopped paying his grazing fees. The BLM eventually took Bundy to court over the fees and they won a judgment in federal court to tune of over $1 million.

Over the last weeks the BLM showed up, armed to the teeth and escorted by Las Vegas SWAT, to enforce their court order. They sealed off the roads leading to Bundy’s ranch and the FAA declared a “no fly zone” in the airspace over the ranch. They turned attack dogs loose on private citizens and at one point tased and arrested Bundy’s son. He was released with no charges. They began a roundup of Bundy’s cattle.

Needless to say, folks got riled up. Private citizens, most exercising their 2nd Amendment rights, headed for the Bundy ranch from Nevada and neighboring states. A standoff ensued with the BLM and ended yesterday when BLM backed down and released the cattle.

BLM backed down, but for once, Harry Reid was right. This isn’t over. BLM has a judgment to enforce and they have the legal right to do so. The only question is just how they’re going to do it.

There is still a no-fly zone over the ranch and the federal government is still buying millions of rounds of ammunition. We’ve got FBI agents going into gun stores telling the store owners they don’t have to worry about “Middle Eastern” people but the FBI wants to know if they hear people talking about small government.

The Curmudgeon has been warning about the militarization of our local police forces for a long time, and that includes the militarization of agencies of the federal government. We fully expect a very heavily armed force to come back to the Bundy ranch and we won’t be surprised if they’re driving government surplus armor.


The federal government can’t let this pass. It’s historically OK for filth like the “Occupy” to set up “tent cities” with rape tents in public parks, but it’s not OK for Westerners to graze cattle on land occupied by an endangered turtle. And by-the-way, cattle and horses consider a tortoise to be a rock and they won’t step on them because they could break an ankle, and a steer is smart enough to know that’s a death sentence.

We expect a bloody resolution to this situation, the federal government has to make a statement. And they will.

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