Eric Holder lies to Congress – Again

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The continuing travails of our poor Attorney General. Eric Holder keeps getting called before some House or Senate committee and those racist Republicans keep asking questions that force him to lie.

This time it’s about the DoJ’s war on non-unionized schools, specifically about the actions they’ve been pursuing in Louisiana against charter schools.

As a refresher, Louisiana – and especially the minority area around New Orleans – have some of the worst schools in the nation. They’re almost as bad as the schools in Washington DC that Barack Obama sends his daughters to. Oops, make that DOESN’T send his daughters to.

Republican Governor Bobby Jindal and the Republicans in the legislature put together a voucher program to provide a way out of hopelessly bad schools for at least some students. Those lucky students who got the vouchers got the opportunity to attend charter schools in their area, and more importantly, they got the opportunity to get a real education and the ability to break away from the grinding poverty where they’re currently trapped, in large measure by policies promoted by Democrats.

Needless to say, the teachers unions had a fit because the charter schools aren’t unionized. Time for the Obama administration to step in and save the day.

The schools in Louisiana are under federal court order related to racial discrimination, so the DoJ had a natural opening. They move in and looked at the voucher program and decided that taking minority students out of public school adversely altered the racial balance of the classes in question and sued to stop the program.

It was actually a committee Democrat from, of all places, Maryland, who got under Holder’s skin this time.

Under questioning before a House appropriations subcommittee, Rep. Andy Harris (D., Md.) got into a heated exchange after asking Holder if the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division was responsible for the lawsuit “against” the state’s scholarship program, which allows students to flee failing schools.

“You buy into a premise that’s not correct,” Holder said. “That was not the division that was doing anything of that nature in Louisiana.”

“We were seeking to get from the state of Louisiana information about their voucher program,” he said. “[We] never, ever took the position that we were against vouchers.”

Harris questioned further. “Is that the division that went to court in Louisiana to ask for that information?” he said. “These are not complicated questions, Mr. Attorney General.”

“What I was saying is that we never sought to do anything with the voucher program as much as to get information…

Holder then attacked Rep. Harris and accused him of parroting Republican talking points. To his credit, Harris didn’t’ back down.

“I actually care about the education of children as Gov. Jindal does,” Harris said. “Mr. Attorney General you used federal money to go into a state court to try to hinder, hamper, disable a school voucher program—the majority of which goes to minority students. So I’m just going to take issue with your characterization of a talking point because we shouldn’t use children, especially minority children—you can shake your head all you want, maybe you disagree that we shouldn’t use minority children as wedges.”

Holder again repeated that the DOJ took “no position with regard to the voucher program.”


Holder is flat out lying. Democrats have opposed every program designed to help students – almost always minority students – at schools that are failing. They’ve been fighting tooth and nail to get rid of the DC voucher program that has saved thousands of DC minority students from grinding poverty.

Nothing is going to happen over Holder’s lies, even if he was under oath, it’ll be positioned as a “difference of opinion” and the media – and the low information voters – will just move on. There’s got to something happening with that grand jury empaneled to investigate Chris Christie and “Bridgegate.”

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