Electile Dysfunction in Ohio-8

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Every time I see John Boehner’s “buddy-buddy” relationship with President Obama, I cannot help but hear that song Best Friend by Harry Nilsson. So when that vision was updated by Ohio-8 primary candidate, J.D. Winteregg, in the form of a new campaign ad, I was thankful that I no longer had Nilsson’s creation playing in my head. The ad, entitled When the Moment is Right (WATCH!), is a humorous parody of a Cialis commercial that highlights the “elective dysfunction” of OH-8 and illustrates a disturbing relationship between Boehner and Obama.

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a conference call to discuss the ad with J.D. Winteregg, in which he pointed out the numerous broken campaign promises that John Boehner has committed, which include raising the debt ceiling without conditions, being a willing participant in the effort to advance amnesty, and failing to defund Obamacare. However, when you have been in office for 23 years, campaign promises become a matter of meaningless semantics.

Perhaps the worst of Boehner’s offenses is that he has consistently made himself unavailable to his constituents. In fact, last summer J.D. Winteregg launched the Ohio Accountability Project, which petitioned John Boehner to hold a town hall meeting with his constituents over the summer recess. Boehner’s response was to send the petitioners a 7-page campaign letter. Winteregg stated that when Boehner does meet with the people in his district, it is that segment that can afford to add cash to his campaign coffers, but never fear citizens of Ohio-8. John Boehner wanted to live up to his campaign slogan of “One of Us.” So, in an attempt to be defined as a “common everyman”, he released a video of himself making a few passes over his sizeable yard with the lawn mower…presumably, just before he allowed his lawn crew to finish the job.

There is reason to hope, however, as Boehner is beginning to feel the heat. He is being forced to campaign and purchase television ads in a primary for the first time in 4 years. Unfortunately for the Speaker, his “message” is not resonating.  Given that he’s a 23-year incumbent in the most Republican-friendly district in the state, Boehner’s poll numbers are rather unimpressive. According to a recent poll conducted by the Tea Party Leadership Fund, John Boehner’s approval is at 49% within the district; but when he’s put up against an unknown GOP candidate, his numbers fall to only 25%.

If the people of ANY district have a representative who is detached and unwilling to have a dialogue with them, then they have no representation. That, in itself, is its own form of tyranny. J.D. Winteregg knows he has an uphill climb, and he said the race has been described as a “David and Goliath” contest, but he is also quick to remind people that David won that battle. This race is larger than Ohio-8. There is a Goliath Washington DC that is crushing the people of this country. This race is a chance for all Americans to remind career politicians that they work for “we the people”…and if those representatives refuse to hear our voices, we will send them home.

I asked J.D. Winteregg if there was a particular issue he found to be the most important. He said, “The number one issue for me and for millennials is Congressional dysfunction — or ‘electile dysfunction’, you could say.” Winteregg realizes that before transformation can take place in this country, it must first take place in Washington.

At the end of the ad, Boehner quips that his name is “Boner.” No argument here, Mr. Speaker. Thanks to you and your favorite golf partner, Ohio-8 residents and citizens across this great nation are indeed “getting the shaft.”

Elect J.D. Winteregg for Congress!





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