She Doesn’t Like Monday’s Either: Peaches Geldof Dead at 25

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He always said she was good as gold..

I don’t like Mondays either, so I’m posting this on Sunday night instead. Of course not everyone knows the significance of 25-year-old Peaches Geldof – English socialite, and daughter of Rocker Bob Geldof – being found dead on a Monday.

Here’s the part I always love: Police do not suspect foul play and investigators are treating the death as “unexplained and sudden.” Yes, I’m sure..

The exclusive details are from TMZ:

The 25-year-old was found dead at her home in Kent, England, Monday afternoon. Details surrounding the death are unclear. Kent Police tell TMZ, they do not suspect foul play. Investigators are treating the death as “unexplained and sudden.”


A law enforcement source at the Kent PD tells TMZ, a woman called in and said she could not reach Peaches, so officials dispatched an ambulance and emergency responders found Peaches’ body.


Peaches is the daughter of singer and famed philanthropist Bob Geldof, the guy behind the Live Aid concerts. Peaches was a socialite and model. She also worked as a TV presenter.


Bob just released a statement, saying, “We are beyond pain. She was the wildest, funniest, cleverest, wittiest and the most bonkers of all of us.”


Peaches was married to Chester French singer Max Drummey from 2008-2011. She married S.C.U.M. singer Thomas Cohen in 2012. She also famously dated Eli Roth.

Prescient Peaches Geldof
Those sixties-values are coming home to roost, aren’t they?

They kinda forgot to mention her dad formed the infamous “BoomTown Rats” and was such the consummate rocker that he played the lead in “The Wall”? Remember?

Um, her mom overdosed on drugs? She married a guy from S.C.U.M. ?

Gee – no foul play, and we certainly cannot explain why she would die so suddenly… duh.

Toxicology and “no shit, Sherlock” to follow..

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