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Dead, Divorced, Married, Pregnant or In Jail
by Baron Von Kowenhoven

elton-john-1970Elton John says now that Britain has legalized gay marriage, he and his long-time partner David Furnish will will marry in a small ceremony this year, as early as May…

… Sir Elton said he was “very proud of Britain” and the progress made to make gay marriage legal, but the fight against discrimination isn’t over. He still doesn’t understand why the two aren’t allowed to play in the mixed-doubles tournament at Wimbledon…

Shaela Evenson, a Montana Catholic school teacher who was fired for being pregnant and unmarried has filed a discrimination complaint with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission…

… Well there’s certainly no precedent for an unmarried pregnant woman anywhere in the church’s history that I can recall..


charlie_sheen_drunk_hospitalCharlie Sheen, who pays his ex-wife Denise Richards $55,000 a month in child support and a house to live in for free – now wants his ex and their kids out of his house and live somewhere else..

… Sounds like that Charlie Sheen saying about; “you don’t pay her for sex, you pay her to leave” isn’t working out that great..


Gweneth Paltrow recently stated that her grueling life as a movie actress made it extra hard to juggle her career and family and she pined for a 9-5 job that would allow her to raise her kids so much easier..

.. To be fair, her kids are quite a handful – just ask their nannies…




The creative forces behind the Oscar-winning environmental documentary An Inconvenient Truth are hatching plans for a sequel to the film that raised global awareness of climate change…

… The new film will be titled; “We meant Global ‘Cooling’.. Cooling – Yeah, That’s the Ticket..”


AND FINALLY: Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich has stepped down after, an online dating site called for a boycott of Mozilla, protesting a donation Eich made in support of California’s Prop 8, which banned gay marriage..

… Yes, because dating services never encourage any sort of discrimination?

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