Our Culture Is A Form Of Child Abuse

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A couple of weeks ago there was a ton of press time devoted to a baby gorilla that had been saved after a C-section was performed on its mother. Awww….how adorable. What a great thing, to save the baby gorilla. And all the while, people are advocating the killings of preborn babies. Save the polar bears? Yep. The unhatched eggs of sea turtles are treated as precious, but hey, preborn babies? Nah.

This culture of abortion is the evil offspring of the culture that spawned it and continues to treat it as a normal health procedure. What kind of “health care” involves injecting poison into someone, tearing their limbs apart, sucking out their brains?

I remember when the feminists in the 60s and 70s continually hammered on the notion that they wanted the government “out of our wombs.” Now these same women champion that notion every single day – freely procured abortions and “free” health is somehow keeping the government “out of their wombs?” What kind of logic is that?

And the same culture that supports and produces abortion is the same culture that has become so sex- saturated, on a normal planet it would be called child abuse. Our kids are being bombarded with sexual images from the time that they are babies. Sex is portrayed in media as something to engage in casually with no consequences. Young men and women are told the Big Lie about how fulfilling and liberating it is to just “hook up” rather than commit. Girls are being dragged into the Kartrashian culture and encouraged to dress up like street-walkers. Boys are being sold the idea that it’s cool to make babies – and then not support them.

Or, she could just have an abortion and no one gets hurt, right?

That woman is never, ever going to forget that she was once pregnant with someone who would have been her child. So really, who is the real culprit here in the so-called “War on Women?”

What I am seeing amongst the very many young people in my life – and there are hundreds of them, I teach college and advanced high school students –is that they want what most people instinctually long for – to couple up in a normal, sane, intimate, nurturing relationship. This goes for both genders – they are tired of all of the casual sex and the rotten media machines which promote it. Their longing for a return to morality and modesty and commitment is palpable.

When it was age-appropriate for my own three kids, I said to them, “Sex is like fireworks – if you do it right, it’s a beautiful thing, but if you do it wrong, it can be dangerous or even deadly.”

We need to get some good role models out for our young people. It’s shouldn’t be wrong or scornful for someone to have the guts to say what is politically incorrect – that there’s too much sex being foisted on way to many people at way too young an age. And there is direct proximate cause between that fact and the culture of abortion.

And on last thing: If any of you reading this are pro “choice?” Go to Google Images and type in, “aborted fetuses.” Then get back to me.


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