Cliven Bundy Gives Rick Amato Show Victory Interview TONIGHT

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rickRick Amato is set to rock the nation tonight when he interviews Cliven Bundy in one – if not the first Post-BLM desert showdown interviews of the man who stood up to what he sees is a tyrannical Federal Government.

If you’re like me, you were disappointed in some of the overall handling and interviewing skills where Mr. Bundy’s cause was concerned this past week. But fear not – Rick Amato knows what to ask and how to ask it. He’ll get to the questions, facts and answers we’re all looking for and won’t be constrained by time, lack of understanding the events or the ever softening politics of Fox News.

bundyranch1Did Harry Reid and his son’s Chinese Communist connections set the entire showdown in motion? Why are the cattle being returned? Was this Obama’s “Kent State” moment, averted? Is the entire thing nothing more than a ruse to test the nation’s resolve against Federal aggression?

Amato and One America News Network where his show is produced and distributed are the real deal, my friends. No filter, no dilution. Only Bundy and Amato – just what you’re looking for:

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Rick AmatoRick Amato is a television talk show host for One America News, an award-winning radio talk show host and columnist. He has been called ‘a rising star of the conservative movement’ by former Executive Editor of The Washington Times John Solomon. His columns have appeared at, The Washington Times, Politico, Real Clear Politics and

Rick Amato has used his show to raise thousands of dollars in legal defense funds for lower level, enlisted military members accused of wrongdoing in the War on Terror and for severely wounded veterans. According to the non-profit United American Patriots there are more young, American soldiers serving prison time for errors on the battlefield than all of WWII, Korea and Viet Nam combined.


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