Caution: The Greatest Episode of The O’Reilly Factor. Ever.

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factor2Appearing on “The O’Reilly Factor” Tonight: International Film and Television Star: Nick Searcy

Star of TV’s “Justified” and “Acting School w/ Nick Searcy;” Mr. Searcy will star in what Nick describes as the “greatest episode of the O’Reilly Factor. Ever.”

A little tongue-in-cheek there…

… but Nick Searcy is not just a Hollywood actor: He’s one of us.

searcy-nick-330x382Not many people would put their livelihood on the line for their country, but Nick came out of the conservative closet in a place where doing so can easily cost you your paycheck – believe me. But he does so proudly.

He’s a funny dude, too. I know – I’ve had the occasion to hang out with him and even work with him here and there. A regular guy who just happens to be really talented in the field of acting and I’m sure writing, directing, producing and whatever he chooses. With any luck he’ll choose to continue speaking out.

Watch O’Reilly tonight – he’ll have his hands full.

Nick Searcy, a consistent presence in American film and television for almost twenty years, has starred in independent films as well as studio blockbuster hits, including The Ugly Truth, The Last Song, Castaway, The Fugitive, Head of State, Runaway Jury, The Assassination of Richard Nixon, Blood Done Sign My Name, The Dead Girl, An American Crime, and Fried Green Tomatoes among others.


On television, Nick was a series regular on five different shows: 7 DAYS, AMERICAN GOTHIC, FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON, RODNEY, and EASY MONEY, and has guested on many shows such as THE WEST WING, BOSTON LEGAL, and CSI. He also has shocked horror fans in the features DEADLY END, COLD STORAGE, and TIMBER FALLS. His newest release is a role in the hit MONEYBALL from Sony Pictures, in theatres now. He is currently filming Season 3 of the FX Network’s JUSTIFIED, portraying Chief Deputy Art Mullen.


THE EXPENDABLES Horizon Entertainment Dir. Sylvester Stallone
THE UGLY TRUTH Sony Pictures Entertainment Dir. Robert Luketic
BLOOD DONE SIGN MY NAME Real Folk Productions Dir. Jeb Stuart
XII Unified Pictures Dir. Michael Nickles
THE COMEBACKS Fox Atomic Prod. Dir. Tom Brady
AN AMERICAN CRIME Killer Films Dir. Tom O’Haver
THE DEAD GIRL Lakeshore Entertainment Dir. Karen Moncrieff
FLICKA 20th Century FOX Dir. Michael Mayer
COLD STORAGE Synthetic Fur Productions Dir. Tony Elwood
MALL COP AXL Productions Dir. David Greenspan
THE ASSASINATION OF RICHARD NIXON Monsoon Entertainment Dir. Niells Mueller
THE RUNAWAY JURY 20th Century Fox Dir. Gary Fleder
HEAD OF STATE Dreamworks Dir. Chris Rock
1 HOUR PHOTO Fox Searchlight Dir. Mark Romanek
CASTAWAY Dreamworks Dir. Robert Zemeckis
TIGERLAND New Regency Dir. Joel Schumacher
ANGEL DOLL Independent Dir. Jerry Bledsoe
PARADISE FALLS* Independent Dir. Nick Searcy
NELL 20th Century Fox Dir. Michael Apted
THE WAR Universal Dir. Jon Avnet
THE REAL MCCOY Universal Dir. Russell Mulcahay
THE FUGITIVE Warner Bros. Dir. Andy Davis
FRIED GREEN TOMATOES Warner Bros. Dir. Jon Avnet
THE PRINCE OF TIDES Columbia Dir. Barbra Streisand
DAYS OF THUNDER Paramount Dir. Tony Scott

Viva Searcy!

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