Bundy Ranch Standoff – What You’re Not Being Told (VIDEO)

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bundyThis is the best video (SCROLL DOWN) I’ve ever seen about not just the Bundy Ranch standoff, but our State of the Nation. We’ve become so pitted against one another, we no longer see the enemy of our enemy is our friend and that Americans – all Americans – must hang together or we will indeed hang separately.

Is Cliven Bundy within his legal rights completely? Probably not, but neither was Rosa Parks, was she? Nor the original Tea Party, or the Founding Fathers, the kids in Tienanmen Square or Anne Frank. That’s why it’s important to stand up to this Federal Government now – before it’s too late.

Do you realize that we were within just a few gunshots of a second Revolutionary War last weekend? I believe that. The Obama Administration believes that. I don’t care what the liberal media is saying about militias who came to the defense of Cliven Bundy – at least a line in the sand was drawn and I hope those leftists at least appreciate that this Administration is frightened of something now.

StormsHarry Reid is a thoroughly corrupt multi-multi, millionaire who cannot get enough money and power.

He nearly brought this country to an armed crisis by enlisting the BLM, and bringing them down with a show of military force – complete with snipers and armored vehicles – on a situation that has been going on for decades. Why now?

Because he has a huge financial stake in getting that land cleared. Watch this:

Hat tip SCG News:

bundy3We should be supporting all citizens being oppressed by this government. It’s true – the 1% owns a bigger percentage of the wealth than ever. It’s going from Fascism-Lite to real Fascism in a hurry with snakes in the cabinet and at the Fed printing and giving money at 0% interest. It’s a house of cards and when it folds – they won’t be hurt – they’re too big to fail.

But you aren’t. When was the last time your wages went up? Gas prices double – who does that hurt? Food prices triple – who does that hurt? The NSA, FBI, IRS and a whole bunch of other agencies have your phone calls, your credit card receipts, your taxes, texts, Facebook posts and now your health records?

Get ready and stop hating on one another. We’ll work out all that crap later – right now there are politicians to focus on.

Everybody needs to have everyone’s back.


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