Bullying Gone Wrong

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Bullying… This is what happens when people decide to stand up for themselves. People can only be pushed for so long before they say, “Enough is enough!” It needs to happen more often.

Oh, and one other thing… please people, rotate your phone 90 degrees so we don’t have to watch screwed up video like this!

The Blaze is reporting:

An alleged bully was in for a major surprise after she decided to violently attack a boy on her school bus. While the victim initially sat helplessly as she punched him in the face, pulled his hair and slapped him, his eventual reaction stunned the young woman.

In video of the attack that was captured on a cell phone and subsequently uploaded to YouTube, the vicious assault unfolds as another boy begs off-camera for the girl to stop.

But she doesn’t listen.

As the berating and beating continues, the victim desperately tries to shield and protect himself, but to no avail.

But then something changes. When the alleged bully starts kicking the boy in the head, he springs to his feet and starts fighting back.

The tables instantaneously turn, as he grabs the her hair and puts her in a headlock, at one point seemingly dragging her over one of the seats; choking sounds can be heard.

Read more about this incident here.

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