British sniper kills SIX Taliban fighters with a SINGLE bullet

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With a Taliban fighter looming in his sights half a mile away, the British sniper knew a clean shot would take down his enemy.

What he could not have known was that the single bullet he fired would account for five more insurgents.

01A_TALIBANSNIPER DO NOT OPENBut, incredibly, his rifle round triggered the explosive vest worn by his target, killing all those around him.

The record-breaking shot was fired by a Coldstream Guards marksman on one of the last missions to be carried out by British troops in Afghanistan.

UK forces are preparing to leave their last frontline base in Helmand as part of their withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The sniper, a lance corporal who cannot be named for security reasons, was on a mission to intercept a suspected suicide bomber.

Commanders feared the insurgent was planning to blow himself up at either a UK base, an Afghan security checkpoint or a civilian target such as a school or government building.

Some 335 soldiers from the Brigade Reconnaissance Force and 90 Afghan troops were deployed on the operation on December 14 last year. As they moved to tackle the suicide bomber, they ran into fire from a group of 20 Taliban.

As they moved to tackle the suicide bomber, a massive firefight broke out with up to 20 insurgents at about 9.30am.

Lieutenant Colonel Richard Slack, commanding officer of the 9th/12th Royal Lancers, who was overseeing the operation at Kakaran, said: ‘The guy wearing the vest was identified by the sniper moving down a tree line and coming over a ditch.


‘He had a winter shawl on which rose up and the sniper saw he had a machine gun. He was moving to a firing position when the sniper engaged him and the guy exploded.
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